Friday, February 25, 2011

Color Combinations ~ Part 1

It was the 90’s and my fashion tastes were just developing. Unfortunately, that was the time that everyone was doing the matchy-matchy thing. You know, the shoes have to match the skirt/pants and the purse has to match the shoes. So, for years that is what I stuck to. But thanks to vigorous magazine reading and repeated episodes of What Not to Wear, I’ve learned the importance of using a pop of color to add interest and polish.

This is the first in a new series about how to combine different colors in your outfits.  This post will be showing you options based on the "complementary color scheme" (fashion 101).  As you will see below, the key is to pick one item that will be your bright accent color for the outfit.  The pieces I've chosen are to serve as examples - so you can look in your closet and try this with items you already have.
Navy & Yellow

Why it works: A nautical striped top is casual & classic with crisp khaki shorts, gold accessories echo the warmth of the yellow bag, leather & cork wedges add richness and texture. (you could also add a fedora to this, if you're a hat kinda' girl)
Purple & Turquoise

Why it works: Big, bright turquoise earrings bring the focus to your face, feminine ruffles on top are balanced out by straight slender white jeans, gold sandals add shine and give it a relaxed vibe.


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