Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tip from the Runways ~ Cinch It

One of the biggest trends seen across the spring runways was belts. Skinny, bold, wrapped, obi…you name it, it was displayed. I have just recently become a fan of belts and LOVE the way they can transform a top, sweater or dress into something different. I also love how they create an hourglass silhouette, even for those who weren’t blessed with curves. And yet, for some reason, it is still a neglected accessory. Here are a few examples to encourage you to give belts a try: I personally love the open-drape cardigans that have become so popular lately. But, I am not a fan of the way they hide my shape. This is a perfect example of how a belt can fix that problem, while adding an interesting detail to her outfit. If you like this, try: New York & Company Skinny Snakeskin Pattern Belt - $13.96
Here is another option, particularly appropriate for spring. You know when the season first begins and you’re so excited to wear all your sleeveless tops, and lightweight dresses…but the weather isn’t exactly cooperating yet? The first thing I always think of is to throw a cardigan on for an extra layer of warmth. See how she styled her simple sheath dress above with a cardigan AND belt? This way, her waist is accentuated & defined - and the whole look is pulled together. This same idea will work for the billowy silk tank + cardigan combination and longer length tunics over leggings. If you like this, try: The Limited Textured Belt - $12.99

So, the next time you're out and about, take a walk through the belt aisle - I have found some great options at Target, Kohl's and TJ Maxx! It is all about finding some that look expensive, even if they aren't real leather. The key is subtle details and rich-looking texture.

Tips to remember:
If you are belting a bulkier piece like a sweater, jacket or blazer, you should use a skinnier version. But, if you are layering the belt over a thinner fabric such as a silk blouse or cotton dress, you can choose any width you prefer.


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