Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Feminine Pony

Sometimes all it takes is a simple, slightly different hairstyle idea to break me out of a rut. As a mom of 2 little kids, I find myself pulling my hair back into a ponytail several days of the week.  This style is one I love because it looks like I put a little more effort into it...AND there are 2 reasons why it's more feminine than your average pony - take a look at some examples:

1) It is just a bit off-center.  I wouldn't exactly call it a "side" ponytail, but almost.  This makes it more girly and less sporty-looking.  If your hair is long enough, you can pull it forward over your shoulder.  If your hair is short, you can rock this style, too!

2) There is a deep side part in front (if you have sideswept bangs, make the ponytail on the same side as your bangs; if you don't have bangs, tuck a front section of hair behind your ear as Emma Roberts did above).  This frames your face better than if you were pulling it all straight back into an elastic.

Give it a try this week when you're having a "ponytail day" and see how it changes your look!


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Anonymous said...

Totally did this today! I'm loving your hair tips! I did the side braid on Friday! : ) *Lynn*