Monday, March 21, 2011

My Makeup Bag ~ Tools

This is the last in my series, but I'll be starting a new one on lip color next week. Here are the tools I use every day - some may be on the higher end in terms of price. But, I am only willing to spend more money on a product if I know that it works better than anything else out there. And these are no exception:

1) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - $19.95
*No longer sold in the US, but you can still find it online – gives you a realistic looking curl every time.

2) Tweezerman Slant Tweezers - $20
*The absolute best and worth the money – plus they sharpen them by mail for free!

3) Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Straight from Nature Powder Brush - $19.99
*My personal favorite – big and fluffy for applying powder and blush.

4) Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Straight from Nature Eye Brush Set - $19.99
*These are the only 3 brushes you’ll ever need for creating a beautiful smoky eye.

5) Arbonne Mattifying Powder - $18.50
*A colorless powder that absorbs shine better than rice paper blotters.

6) Sonia Kashuk Clear Brow Gel - $5.99
*The last step to perfecting & setting your brows.

7) Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion for Lips - $24
*Put this around the edge of your lips first to keep lipstick & gloss from feathering.


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