Friday, March 25, 2011

New Product Faves

Similar to the Beauty Reviews post I did in February {here}, I wanted to share some more recent product discoveries of mine that I am loving!
1) John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer - $9.99
Not sure how I survived our NY winter without this little magic wand!  The same size as a tube of mascara, which means it will fit in even my smallest clutch along with my other essentials.  Loaded with Inca Inchi oil, this immediately smoothes down those annoying flyaways without making hair feel sticky, crunchy or weighed down. 

2) Eos Cucumber Hand Lotion & Honeydew Lip Balm - $3.49/each
This lotion is lightweight, fast absorbing & has a fresh, clean scent.  The lip balm is equally as great, not just because of the lip softening formula, but its dome shape allows you to apply to both your top & bottom lips simultaneously in one quick swipe.  Genius packaging makes it easy for me to find them both in my cluttered handbag.

3) Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste - $21.00 
Because my top front 4 teeth are porcelain veneers, using whitening strips isn't an option for me.  This toothpaste actually dissolves the protein pellicle on teeth that attracts stains & restores them (even veneers) to their original whiteness.  While it is pricey for a toothpaste, I have found the results to be worth it!

4) L’Oreal EverSleek Frizz Taming Creme Serum - $8.99
Having naturally curly hair, mine is prone to frizz.  So, I have literally tried every product out there to combat it and this one works the best!  It is silicone-free and instead uses glycerin and natural oils to smooth the cuticle and leave hair soft. 


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