Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loose Beachy Waves

On days when I have more time and I'm not doing a quick & easy braid {seen here} or ponytail {seen here}, this is my go-to look.  It is flattering, unfussy and works with my hair's natural texture.  Take a look at some examples and you'll see that regardless of your length, this style can work for you...

My steps to creating perfectly loose waves:

1) To damp, towel-dried hair, apply a volumizing mousse from roots to ends.  I use Victoria's Secret Body & Hold Volumizing Mousse

2) Blow dry hair completely and then apply a heat protecting spray all over hair.  I use Redken Thermal Setting Mist.

3) Holding a 1.5" curling iron vertically with the clamp open, wrap small sections of your hair around the inner part of the iron WITHOUT using the clamp.  Hold for 15 seconds and release. When you reach the sides and front of hair, make sure the hair is wrapping out away from your face.  (If you're used to using a curling iron the traditional way, this technique may take some getting used to.  But, it creates beautiful s-shaped waves, instead of ringlet curls.)

4) Let hair cool and then run your fingers lightly through it to loosen, so the waves aren't too perfect.  Spray with a flexible-hold hairspray.  I use Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.


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