Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your New Best Friend

Unless you were blessed with perfect proportions, you know the frustration of finding an exact fit right off the rack.  My personal challenges?  Broad shoulders, a smaller chest and curvy hips.  I’ve been able to find certain brands that fit me better than others.  But, when it comes to dresses and blazers, it is almost always necessary for me to have them altered.

The first time I took something to a tailor was our 10th wedding anniversary and we were renewing our vows in front of family and friends.  I had found the perfect little white sheath dress, but it was too large in the chest and waist.  So, I found a nearby tailor and showed her what I needed to have done.  She was amazing – a sweet little Asian woman who was seriously talented with her sewing machine.  Not only did she do a great job, but she was very affordable.  

After the success of my dress, I began going through my closet and pulling out other items of clothing that I loved, but had never quite fit me right.  A skirt, a blouse, some blazers…piece after piece I took to her and she worked her magic.  I couldn’t believe I had never done this before!  And I discovered how much better & more expensive my things looked when the fit was absolutely perfect.  If you’ve never done this before, I encourage you to give it a try.  You will be amazed by the results!



Christina said...

This post inspired me! I found a LGD (little gray dress) at Target for $6. It was too big, but I have visions of tailoring-grandeur for this dress. Hopefully, my dreams will become a reality soon!

Kimberly said...

That is so funny - I got an olive green dress at Target that I have to take to the tailor too! :)

Anonymous said...

Christina, I love that you mentioned having a really inexpensive dress altered. I have random discussions with people who think it is "pointless" to have an item they bought for $20 or less altered because "then you might as well have paid full price." My quick retort is always: "not really, because then you would have paid full price for something that didn't fit quite right."

I, personally, think the best items to have altered are inexpensive pieces you love. 1) you paid less for them, 2) you love it, and 3) getting it altered pretty much guarantees it will be a mainstay in your closet.