Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Scars

There are two things, though unattractive by the world's standards, that I am thankful for:

1) My c-section scar - because it delivered my daughter from physical distress (the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck) and 4 years later, gave me my sweet little boy.  Everytime I see it, I am reminded of my two little blessings & the incredible gift of motherhood.

2) My porcelain crowns - which cover all of my molars & were necessary to replace cracked teeth that were weakened due to a 10-year battle with an eating disorder.  They remind me of my amazing family, who intervened and would not rest until I was well...and my then boyfriend/now husband who loved me unconditionally through a long process to full recovery.

My point in sharing all this with you?  That scars, stretch marks & other physical "imperfections" are important because they remind us of where we came from, the family we belong to, or something we have survived.  Whether it be a lesson learned, a blessing received or a dream realized, we should accept & embrace them...because they make us who we are.  And that is beautiful.



Nicole said...

Absolutely! My c-section scar has never bothered me because of the reason I have beautiful baby boy!

Lindsay said...
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Kristel said...

Proud of you friend - love this!! My scars are my battles wounds of what I have survived - but like you, my C-section scar has always been welcomed with love from me since it is the reminder of my baby girl, the greatest blessing from God. Love to you!

Christina said...

Thank you for this reminder!

Love Lillian said...

great post! i couldn't agree more.

Laura said...

What a beautiful post. I always admire bloggers who put their "real selves" out there to discuss more than just the outfits. Kudos to you girl for recovering, and for being able to see the reminders of your past as a victory!

Amber Lena said...

I love this. Kudos for posting your beautiful c-section scar. You brought LIFE into the world with it!! I'm your newest follower. :-)

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cheryl denise said...

so uplifting! thank you for sharing your stories.

NICOLE said...

I am glad that you put this up, I was browsing your blog and as soon as I saw and read the post I had to be a follower.
I too have the same scar from uterine fibroid removal surgery and caps on my teeth from a vitamin deficiency.
I was always scarred to put up pictures of my scar, but I feel the need to post about it because people can learn from me to catch the fibroids in time. Now I definitely will.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Health, luck and love!

FashMags said...

This is great. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you're not hiding your scars. In the end that's what makes you beautiful.