Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Modern Man

(My sis-in-law asked me to do this post, so this is for her!)

Two years ago when we were home for Christmas, I helped my brother re-vamp his wardrobe.  He had worn the same things for so long and had never considered updating his style.  Thankfully, he was *mostly* willing to listen to me and get rid of alot of things. 

Then, he gave me a budget and entrusted me to do some shopping for him.  With it being right after the holidays, there were plenty of deals to be found and we successfully transformed him into a thoroughly modern man.  If you find your husband/boyfriend in the same situation, here are my recommendations for updating his closet...
  1. Flat front pants - these are a MUST!  Much more flattering than the pleated version and can instantly streamline his look.
  2. Denim - pay attention to the wash...anything too light can really date him.  Medium to dark washes are modern and sleek.
  3. Graphic tees - these are okay as long as they aren't splashed with logos or of the Ed Hardy variety.  Also, if you can't get him to throw out his old faded/cracked shirts, then make sure he only wears them for yardwork or painting.
  4. Dress shoes - anything with a chunky heel or "platform" has to's so 90's! 
  5. Fit is important - if he has had something for a long time, chances are it is stretched out and baggy.  He will look best in something that has a slim (but not tight) athletic fit.  Anything with too much extra room will just add bulk.
Trends to try for Spring:

Cargo Utility Jacket

Denim Chambray Shirt


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