Wednesday, June 15, 2011

InStyle Magazine ~ Nautical Look for Less

Usually, I don't do multiple posts in one day and I also don't do "look for less" versions of an entire outfit.  But, when I was flipping through my latest issue of InStyle magazine & saw this photo of Clemence Poesy, I fell in love.  I adore the classic nautical feel with a modern twist...

She is wearing: Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere sweater, Vince denim jeans, flats (here).  

I instantly knew I wanted to recreate a budget-friendly version for myself.  I have omitted the captain's hat, so the look doesn't come off as "costumey" and I chose these fun lobster print espadrilles, instead of a solid navy color (though the pair she's wearing above are affordable, too).  My picks:

Merona Navy Boatneck Sweater - $24.99
Etienne Aigner Urban Print Espadrille Flat - $29.95



Lynn said...

Mallory is sitting next to me eating her breakfast and she looked up at the computer and said "dats so cute". : )

Kimberly said...

Ha! The girl has good taste already - I love it! This look would be adorable on you, too - side ponytail & all!! :)

Janelle Haskin said...

She is sooooo cute!!!! :)


Nelson said...

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Greetings! said...

I love Clemency Posey... I think she does casual and dressed up with such great style and chic... I'm convinced this is about her being French :-)

I'm debating buying some capri pants and these you've featured are a good suggestion so thank you.

Lynn said...

I know! I love these because it helps me match things up that I never would!