Friday, June 3, 2011

Twisted Sister

Want an easy, romantic hairstyle that is perfect for the weekend?  Try this twisted-back style! 

You can do this with hair parted down the middle or on one side.  Grab small sections of your hair (you can decide how much) and start twisting as you pull it back.  Do this on both sides & make sure the sections are even.  You can either secure it in the back with a clip, clear rubber band or criss-crossed bobby pins.  I think it looks best when paired with loose waves (as seen here) and I love how simple it is!



Lynn said...

I love your hair posts! I'm totally doing this for church on Sunday. : ) I've decided to grow the bangs out for the summer - so this will be good way to keep them out of my face! Now I just need to perfect the beach wave hair... I think I need a new curling iron though. ; )

denise* paper angels said...

Oooh this is such a good look! i can't do it cos i have straight bangs but it really does look fresh and simple xx

Lynn said...

So, I'm totally addicted to this look now. : ) Today I twisted and then threw it all up in a messy ponytail! Adorable! Have I mentioned how much I love this blog? I feel not so frumpy and so cute with all your tips and tricks and styles! Love! Love!

Kimberly said...

Lynn, so happy to hear my suggestions are working for you!! I have a new hairstyle idea coming next week, involving a similar twist...check back, I think you'll love it!! :)