Monday, July 4, 2011

Proud to be Free

I am such a Daddy's girl.  I have always been that way since the day I was born.  He was big & strong and always there to catch me when I fell down (in the literal sense when I was younger, and figuratively as I grew up).  One of the things I love and appreciate most about my Dad is that he is a fighter.  He works hard & doesn't give up easily.  Maybe that is where I get my stubborn streak from...

He served in the 1st Infantry Division, US Army and fought in Vietnam.  He received the Bronze Star award for his bravery in service.  But, you would never hear him fact, he was reluctant to hang up the shadowbox my mom made for him with all his medals & badges.  Although he fared much better than others did coming out of that experience, he still bears several scars from his time there.  He now has diabetes as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange and the emotional damage goes far deeper than even he would like to admit.

I am incredibly proud of my Dad and so thankful for the sacrafices he made to fight for our country.  There are millions of others who have done the same; who have given their lives - families who have lost brothers & sisters, sons & daughters...all for the price of freedom.  Amidst the barbeques & fireworks today, let's not forget the real reason that we can celebrate our independence.



LV said...

This is a great post and a loving tribute to your dad. I am very touched by this... said...

What a lovely and touching post.

Lili said...

This is a touching post. I just found your blog via EBEW. It strikes me as remarkable that we both, living on different continents, recently posted about our dads who have both been in a war. Mine was born in WWII and was a refugee because of it. I hope your dad is well despite all the bad things that happened to him in his time as a soldier.

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