Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Have a WINNER

Thank you all so much for entering my first giveaway!  Hopefully, this is just the first of many wonderful prizes for my faithful readers!  I decided to do this contest because I want to thank you lovely ladies for following my blog, for telling your friends & neighbors about it and for all your sweet comments that truly make me smile! 

I know we all lead busy lives & that time is the fact that you choose to spend a few minutes here each day really means the world to me.  If you haven't already, please pop over to my Facebook page and vote on my poll to tell me what you'd like to see more of! 

Now, without further ado, here is our winner:

Congratulations to Moira (@moicain)!!  

Please shoot me an email (or tweet) so I can get your address information...then I will package up all your goodies & send them to you this week!  I hope you love each & every item and that you get lots of use out of your new clutch!! 

Thanks again to everyone who participated & welcome to all my new followers!



Alysson said...

congrats @moicain!! great win. XO

Anonymous said...

This is more a question rather than a comment. I was just wondering if you could do a post on the "feathers" that people are putting in their hair? This is something that I'm seeing more and more and I'm not sure about; was wondering what your thoughts on this would be. Thanks!
Shannon Hemmer

Kimberly said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for the question. I haven't done any posts about this trend, because it isn't really "me". I think this is one that will come and go. But, I think those whose personal style is more bohemian can pull it off - the key is to stay true to what works for you! I do, however, like the feather jewelry & recently purchased a feather necklace (try Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe). Hope that helps!! said...

Congrats Moira!!!