Friday, August 12, 2011

Adopting Fall Trends

When new fashion trends emerge, I typically choose one or two that I'm interested in trying.  Of course, they have to work for my body type & suit my own personal taste.  Some things I absolutely love (flared leg jeans) and others I can do without (feather hair extensions).  So now that we are looking towards fall, I've identified the items I want to incorporate into my wardrobe.  And I've chosen my favorite style-crush to serve as an example (does she ever get it wrong?):

Bow-Front Blouse

This comes as no surprise since I've previously professed my love for these (and already purchased a couple).  I love the way Olivia Palermo styled hers with wide-leg trousers and simple accessories.  And although this may be viewed as a more sophisticated look, you could easily wear it untucked with skinny jeans, boots & a cropped jacket for a fresh, modern approach. 

Lace-Up Booties

The ultimate in versatility - they work just as well to balance out a sweet dress as they do with a casual denim/slouchy sweater combination.  They're comfortable & more supportive than a basic pump, making them a perfect choice for the cold weather that's coming.  Choose some in a soft neutral color that will be easy to pair with pieces you already own.



JustPatience said...

Love the wide leg pants and silk bow blouse. I am on the hunt for one.


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Lace up booties are the ultimate for the fall :) I also love the pants she is wearing in the 1st photo :)

Happy Friday!

Fashion Fractions

My Dressy Ways said...

I can see you totally rocking that first look. The belt is AMAZING and is the perfect piece to up an otherwise simple, clean look.

B.Inspired said...

Olivia Palermo always nails it! I can definitely see you in the boy front blouse, and you are right, you can make it as sophisticated or as casual as you like!

Trina said...

I adore booties! And I have to admit, I did the hair extension thing for about a month. I really did love it. That is until every girl in my town got them. That was my cue to take mine out.

Kate said...

Gah, I totally agree - Olivia can do no wrong in the fashion world! I am big on lace up booties for this fall too! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Can you post some cute and afforadable options for the lace up blouse and a ruffle front white blouse ?1 xoxo

Kimberly said... has some great affordable options for the bow-front blouses and I've recently discovered for low-priced trendy footwear (you can also check DSW). Hope that helps!

Anna said...

Love both of these! Im in Australia so we're in Winter right now and the lace up booties are big here too (I am in a black pair as I type!) :) I adore those wide leg pants though, with the bow top of course. Fantastic picks!

Anna xo