Monday, August 8, 2011

Chicago Shopping

As most of you already know, my husband & I recently spent some time vacationing in Chicago.  The first day we were there, he had board meetings to attend, so I decided to go shopping downtown.  I only had $200 to spend and I wanted to make my dollars stretch, so I hit the sale racks at my favorite stores.  I also tried to focus on pieces that would work heading into the fall. 

I am still on the fence about the floral dress - even though it was a great deal, I am uncertain how often I would wear it is more of a warm-weather item.  I wasn't as successful as I had hoped to be on my outing, which is why not all of my money was spent...but I did find some items I loved & I enjoyed exploring the beautiful city.  Here is what I bought:

Forever 21 Jacket - $32.80
Zara Knit Sweater - $19.99 (marked down from $40)
 Gap Long & Lean 1969 jeans - $8.99 (marked down from $69.95)
Forever 21 necklace - $10.80
Nordstrom Rack dress - $59.97 (marked down from $148)



Fashion By Alicia said...

Great deals! I love that jacket from Forever 21. So fun!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

I LOVE all of your new items! Those jeans are awesome and they were such a steal :)

Happy Monday!


Fashion Fractions

Alysson said...

great finds! Jealous you found those jeans for 8.99!! amazing. Also love the jacket- I need something like that for the fall too!

JustPatience said...

Love all the finds. That floral dress is so beautiful. Step over to the other side of the fence :)
Can't wait for the US Zara's e-store next month!


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I love love love love that dress!

Katherine said...

I LOVE that F21 jacket! So stylish :)

Sarah said...

Love it all (especially the Zara sweater!). Love the dress too!

-Sarah said...

Some great bargains here! I saw some similar knit sweaters in Anthropologie the other week, I need to invest in some for Fall...

Tiny D said...

The dress is gorgeous.