Monday, September 12, 2011

FABB Conference ~ Part 1

I had the MOST amazing & unforgettable time in NYC.  There is so much to share, so I'll be breaking it down into several posts throughout this week.  This will serve as part 1, where I'll share with you an overview of the conference.

My morning began by meeting up with the beautiful Tiffany - we found each other on Twitter and were both FABB we decided to meet up for coffee before the conference & help calm each other's nerves.  After trying (& failing) to hail a cab in the pouring rain/wind, we finally gave up & walked half the way to the conference center in our 5-inch heels.  So by the time we arrived, my hair had literally doubled in size (thanks to my natural curl) and was frizzy all over.  Not the best first impression...

After we signed in & were walking through the massive crowds of gorgeous bloggers, we bumped into Gina (also a newbie) and invited her to hang with us - we instantly bonded & her quick wit had us laughing all day.  So the 3 musketeers were born and I really don't know if I would have survived or enjoyed the day as much without these lovely ladies!

I'll get to the conference speakers & content later, but I want to tell you first what an amazing job Lucky Magazine did putting this event together.  It was well-organized, professional & they truly spoiled us!  Editor-in-Chief Brandon Holley (who looked stunning in her Roland Mouret sheath dress) was poised and surprisingly personable, willing to chat with any blogger who walked up to her.  Some pictures from the day:

Posing at the step & repeat (I'm wearing H&M blouse, BCBG skirt, Nina peep-toes)

Essie suite, where they had mini-cupcakes to match their Fall Color Collection

Laundry suite, where we got to choose our favorite dress from their Fall Collection, create a name for it & they will send us our pick

J Brand suite, where we got to pick the jeans we liked best, try them on & order our favorite for free

Tiffany posing with the high-waisted flares we both chose (isn't she adorable?)

White House Black Market suite, where we got to style a model using pieces from their Fall Collection (I chose a mix of stripes & animal print with this bordeaux blazer)

Timberland suite, where we got to create a cold-weather look using their boots & accessories, which will be donated to a woman in need this winter

More details to come Wednesday-Friday, including the moment I met DVF!



Sarah said...

You still look great even after the pouring rain incident!!! Perfect outfit! So glad you had fun and got to create all of these looks and I love the blazer you chose from WHBM!! :)


Nnenna said...

What great fun- I really wish I could have attended one of the conferences on Wednesday! Can't wait to read about the rest of your experience, including meeting DVF, eep! :D

star-crossed smile

Fashion By Alicia said...

First off you look fabulous! I love the look you selected for Lucky FABB. Second, what a fabulous event! I can't wait to read the rest of your recaps.

Maybe I will get to attend next year and you can help me get around :)

My Dressy Ways said...

Love that you got to meet some first time FABB'ers and bonded so quickly. Yay blogger love! I have never tried to hail a cab but I bet it's an art. Yikes! Walking in NYC in 5 inch heels sounds like quite the experience! Glad you arrived ok! Can't wait for the rest of your recaps!

Alyson said...

Wow, amazing! Can't wait to read more about your FABB adventure. So fun about all the brands you got to connect with and totally love that Timberland donated a pair of boots for all you bloggers. Very cool.


Lindsey said...

ooooh! looks like so much fun!!

Suburbanstylista said...

Amazing! What an experience. Way to rock affordable fashion. One more thing - Can I be your "Fourth Musketeer" next year?

Looking forward to reading more . . .

Alysson said...

oh my gosh!! It looks like you girls had a blast...Love Tiffany and Gina's blog..thanks for sharing..can't wait to hear more!!

Gina said...

Kimberly - It was wonderful to meet you and Tiffany at FABB! I am so glad I bumped into you two when I arrived because the day wouldn't have been the same without you :) Hopefully we can replicate the experience at the next FABB in the winter! xo, Gina

Olivia said...

OMG this is exciting, DVF is one of my all time favs- I think she is has great things to say about empowering women- and she's so chic! Can't wait to hear more.

EverydayMomStyle said...

How fun! Looks like a wonderful trip!

I love your skirt- such a cute pattern!

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

I am SO glad we got to meet! Too ironic that we sat right near eachother. Hope to see you again in Feb, if not before that :)


Kendall said...

love love love.
xo haha.

I love the last photo - it is very Canadian. haha!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! love the outfit and your makeup....of course! =) the swag is so much better than at blogher. i SO need to go to a fashion blogging conference!!! i can't wait to read more!

p.s. good luck with moving!!!

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife