Monday, November 28, 2011

Ask PPF: Daily Routine

I am enjoying all the questions you're sending in - please keep them coming & I promise to answer EACH one!  I received this one from a fellow stay-at-home mom and, while I realize that some of you work full-time and don't have families yet...I still thought it would be helpful to share how I handle the daily routine with my kids.

Waking up early
I know my husband will laugh when he reads this because I have been hitting the snooze button far too much lately.  But, I really believe the key to a non-stressful morning is setting the alarm to wake up earlier than my kids.  This gives me time to start my coffee, make my daughter's lunch, have my quiet time & get myself ready before I need to make their breakfast.  On days I don't do this, I am rushed & stressed and feel like I'm off to a bad start.

Doing hair & makeup
When I am just running errands, I try to keep it simple and quick (makeup: foundation & powder, blush, lipgloss & curl my lashes; hair: brush & leave down or put up in a ponytail/bun).  But, if I'm heading to the gym or on nights when I have Zumba, I skip the makeup altogether - because what is the point of putting it on, only to sweat it off?  When we have a playdate or a meeting at the school, I will get completely ready with eye makeup & I'll curl my hair.

Painting nails
I don't even attempt to paint my nails when my kids are around because they will inevitably get ruined before they have time to dry.  So, I usually do them when my son is napping or I'll wait until after dinner when my husband is home & can keep them entertained.  I always have my nails painted, so this is an every 4-5 day activity for me.

Choosing an outfit
Another secret to a smooth morning routine is choosing clothes the night before (I do this with my kids' outfits too) - this way I don't have to spend time putting something together in the morning.  I try to pick looks based on what I have planned for that day & what the weather will be.  If I'm running errands, I go with ballet flats or riding boots - but there are times when we're going to the mall & I'll think, "I just really want to wear my heels" and I always get blisters regret it.  I usually wear jeans & trousers during the week in the fall/winter, but I prefer dresses & skirts in the spring/summer.



Sarah said...

you are so adorable :) I loved reading this!! I'm the same way with picking out clothes the night before - except I usually pick out a week's worth of clothes/accessories because my creativity is not at it's best before my coffee kicks in ;) Can't believe you always have your nails painted!! I need to get in the habit.

hope you had a FABULOUS holiday weekend, doll!! :)


Jenny said...

Thanks so much for posting! As a busy mom here, it's sooo hard to find the time to get myself ready and/or take good care of myself and my appearance. This gives me inspiration! Thanks again! :) :)

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

i get this question ALL THE TIME too. i loved reading about your routine. i usually ALWAYS have my nails painted too. i REALLY need to start getting up before eep but he's been getting up at 6am so any earlier than that and i will be a disaster!!! =) ha ha

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Wow. Now If I had all this together I think i'd be set...but I like to sleep it far too much..

cait said...

Glad I'm not the only one who ALWAYS has to have her nails painted! I'm kind of obsessed & it stresses me out if my nails are chipped or god forbid, unpainted.