Monday, November 14, 2011

Beauty Tips

Because I firmly believe that as women we should help each other out & share our beauty secrets, I want to talk about how to avoid common beauty mistakes + a few key techniques that make a big difference.  I've already done several posts about my own personal makeup preferences, but I thought these might be helpful hints & reminders for us all:

Good lighting
I've never done my makeup in the bathroom of any of the 5 houses we've lived in.  Natural light is 100 times better than even the brightest light fixture, especially bathrooms...which are usually a small enclosed space.  Buy yourself a pedestal mirror and set up camp in front of a window facing outdoors.  You will apply less & look more natural!

A smooth base
Another mom approached me when picking up my son from school the other day to ask me what makeup I used.  When I told her, she was shocked because it was the same brand as hers.  The difference we discovered?  I use this primer beforehand, which instantly creates a smoother base, making for a more even application & longer-lasting results.

Lighten up
Every woman I know uses under-eye concealer to help cover up those dreaded dark circles that come with age, heredity and/or lack of sleep.  But, far too many of us forget to lighten a very important spot on the inner corner of the eye (towards the bridge of the nose).  This dark pocket can make you look even more tired, so remember to hit it with your concealer and maybe even a little highlighter too!

Conceal properly
Unfortunately, we all experience the occasional unexpected breakout.  When this happens, don't be tempted to pile on the makeup (which actually draws more attention to your problem area).  I like to use a lip brush so I can dab my foundation & concealer just where it's needed - use small slight strokes (like you're working on a detailed painting) just until it's covered & then gently blot with powder to set.
Create definition
Even if you weren't blessed with high pronounced cheekbones, you can still create the illusion that you were.  Once you start using this technique, you will never go back...I promise!  It makes such a huge difference and gives your skin a dewy glow (application discussed in detail here).  On those days when you're short on time, don't skip this step - it only takes seconds & is so worth it!
Protect & prolong
I don't know how I ever lived without this magical product!  Also known as "clear lipliner", it is like a waxy substance that you put on before your lipstick or gloss to keep it from bleeding, feathering & fading.  It works like a charm & lasts forever.



Fashion By Alicia said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Alyson said...

love these tips, and especially love when women help each other out to look our best! xo

My Dressy Ways said...

Thanks for the tips Kimberly! You have the most flawless face ever. Just gorgeous, all the time! I've tried makeup primer - including the Smashbox primer and just cannot see a difference. Maybe I need to get a consultation or something! Maybe it's my method or something I'm not doing right.

Adding to my list of must-tries, the liquid highlighter and clear lipline!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...'ve convinced me i need high beam! what foundation/powder do you use? i use lancome powder because liquid foundation scares me. but i need more coverage. help! =)

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Lynn said...

Natural light! Who knew! No wonder every time I get in my truck and I look in the review mirror I go OMG! YOU NEED AN EYEBROW WAX GIRL! : ) I can't see those stray eyebrows in my bathroom! I love all the other tips too! Didn't know any of them! LOL!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Great Tips Kimberly

Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes said...

great tips!! definitely going to have to try the clear lip liner, I'm having feathering issues with my bright colors. I also live by natural light for makeup application! PS your makeup always looks totally flawless :)

Kimberly said...

Jenn, I currently use Arbonne Line Defiance liquid foundation - you would love it because it is all natural & has SPF built-in. On top of that, I dust their translucent powder, which I am obsessed with - it melts into your skin & doesn't look like you're wearing lots of makeup! :)

Nicole - The Wardrobe Code said...

Wow, these are great tips! I have my vanity placed right under our bedroom window which faces south so I always get the best lighting. I've got to find a makeup primer I like, though.

Bon Bon said...

LOVE High Beam! Especially in the winter, when skin gets a little dull and lackluster:-) Fantastic tips! xoxo

Katya said...

I love beauty tips - especially from real galls! Thanks for sharing :)


Charity said...

I know the natural light technique, but unfortunately, I am on the road before the sun comes up every morning. What do you suggest for an alternative?

Kimberly said...

Charity, I know what you mean - there are mornings I have to get up before the sun to get ready, too! What I usually do is set my pedestal mirror right in front of a lamp (or you can buy the more expensive lighted mirrors). Hope that helps :)

Summer said...

LOVE these tips....and would love even more if you could just come do it all for me. =)

NB said...

I love articles like these. I wish, as a teen, I could've gotten a "Make-Up 101" class. These articles really help in terms of how to look natural and beautiful :)