Monday, January 16, 2012

January Birchbox

In December, I shared with you about my very first Birchbox (here) and I had almost forgotten that I was getting another one...until it arrived on a day when I really needed a little pick-me-up!  Here's the scoop on what I received & my reviews of this month's products:

1) Juicy Couture
What it says: Juicy's signature frangrance is a blend of sweet floral notes.  Sophisticated and feminine, it's perfect for day or night.
My review: As I've mentioned before, I'm really picky about fragrances and this wasn't one I particularly cared for.  But if you favor a really sweet scent, you might like this.

2) Algenist Firming & Lifting Cream
What it says: Turn back the clock with this sophisticated moisturizer, which uses a unique microalgae compound to boost skin's elasticity.
My review: This is probably the one I am the most excited about - because it states that 90% of the women who tested it saw an improvement in their skin.  I'm going to start using twice daily & hopefully will have good things to report.

3) Zoya Nail Polish in Kendal
What it says: A sweet cream periwinkle, this on-trend neutral from Zoya's new Feel Collection will take you from winter to spring.
My review: LOVE this color, but it is very similar to two other shades I have (Sally Hansen Delphinium & Revlon Colorstay Provence).  However, I know the Zoya Polish will wear better than the drugstore brands, so I can't wait to try it!

4) 'wichcraft Granola
What it says: This toasty granola, from Top Chef Tom Colicchio's NY-based 'wichcraft chain, takes care of snack cravings without any guilt.
My review: I think it is considered "guilt-free" because it isn't sweetened like regular granola.  I am all for eating healthy, but it has to taste good...and this wasn't one I'd reach for again.

5) FIX Malibu Immaculate Complexion Smoothing Serum
What it says: This clever serum is on our skincare honor roll.  Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, C, and E brighten skin tone and soften wrinkles.
My review: I'm a little worried this will be too rich for my sensitive skin, but I am willing to try anything if it says it will soften my wrinkles.  I'll let you know if I see impressive results!

If you haven't signed up for Birchbox yet, I highly recommend it (you can join here for just $10 a month).  Not only do you get to sample new skincare & beauty products that you may not have otherwise known about, but it's the best surprise when you check your mailbox and there's a little "present" waiting for you!



Lunapark Queen said...

Thanks for advices! Loved it! Take a look at my blog too! I'll be waiting for you! If you follow me, jeust let me know, because I'll come back and follow you :) Kisses!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Hit and Miss this month? I like the Zoya, though. It's a pretty color.

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

wow!!! i haven't gotten mine yet but i figured out how to cheat and view what is in my box online! yours is SO different than mine! no fair you got polish ( can i even say that after i just got all of those cult nail polishes...all because you introduced me to them)!

p.s. thx for your thoughts & prayers on sat. xoxo

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Megan Muller said...

I love the way you review each product! I received my first birchbox this month and didn't do quite as good a job. May model after your post!


Fashion By Alicia said...

Great review! I am always worried about getting samples for my face because I have such sensitive skin.

JustPatience said...

I use Algenist eye cream and I love it.

G. said...

Not a bad box at all! I was happy about mine too, check what I got.


The Jones said...

How fun! I love reading product reviews 'cause it keeps me from buying poor gifts! If you don't want that Zoya nail polish, forward it on to me ;)

<3 Cambria

alicia said...

the algenist cream sounds amazing!

Alyson said...

Hmm, our boxes were totally different. Not sure I love either one of ours this month to be honest though I did get a full size blue Stila eye liner.

Erica said...

I got the same items :)

charcoal and lime said...

I got a Lara bar and a really good Stila liner in Lionfish, + some soap, which is kinda lame, Origins cleanser and then the Juicy fragrance. I have had better boxes. I love that you got different stuff though.

Under the Fluorescents said...

i love that juicy perfume!

Justine said...

I am for sure planning on signing up for this! Love the idea, I am always looking for new products!

Thanks for the idea!

Bravoe Runway said...

Looks like we got the same box! I think the nail polish is going to look better on your skin tone vs mine...I may have to layer something under or over it! The fix is awesome :)

Mandy said...

Great box! Mine was a little different. LOVE the Zoya nail polish. I change my nail color frequently but I tend to wear Zoya polish longer because it stays perfect for much longer. :)

I reviewed my box here:


Trina said...

The only thing we got the same was the FIX Malibu. I just finished off my jar yesterday and I really could tell a difference in my skin. BUT it's way too spendy for me :(