Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ask PPF: My Makeup ~ Part 2

As promised, I am finishing up my series about how I do my makeup (see part one here)...this time, I'll be sharing with you how I do my eyes.  Obviously, this can vary - sometimes I'm in the mood for a cat eye or smokey eye, but I'll be focusing on my "everyday" regime in this post & the products I use to acheive a defined, but natural look.

After my concealer is applied & set with translucent powder, I apply a neutral eyeshadow to my lids only, blending upwards.  Then I use a shimmery vanilla shade to highlight under my browbone & the inner corners of my eyes.

Next, I use my eyelash curler to curl my lashes (I hold it in place for about 15 seconds).  Then I apply a chocolate brown pencil (it contrasts better with my blue eyes & is less harsh for daytime than black) to the top & bottom lash lines...because my eyes are small & round, I like to slightly wing my liner out at the corners of the eyes to create a more doe-like effect.  I use the sponge side of the pencil to smudge the liner, slightly diffusing the line (this helps soften the look).  If I am sleep-deprived or need a little extra pick-me-up, sometimes I line the inside rim of my lower lids with a nude eye pencil.  Before I move onto my lashes, I use an eyebrow pencil & gel to fill in & define my brows.

I curl my lashes a second time before applying 1 coat of volumizing mascara.  I am crazy about perfectly defined lashes, so I use tweezers & a tiny wire tool that I created to separate them & ensure even distribution of product.  Because I have incredibly straight/stubborn lashes, after the first coat of mascara has set (I usually wait 10-15 minutes), I very carefully & lightly curl my lashes a third time & apply a finishing coat of lengthening mascara to both the top & bottom lashes.  I have tried so many different products & techniques over the years, but I've found that this combination of the 2 different formulas works the best for me.

Hopefully this answers the rest of the questions I've been getting about my makeup.  Please let me know if you are interested in a smokey eye tutorial or if there are any other makeup-specific posts that would be helpful to see - I love hearing your feedback!



Really Petite said...

This is really helpful since I know nothing about make-up. I like how natural your makeup is but yet it enhances all your features beautifully :)

Fashion By Alicia said...

I always love your makeup. So thank you so much for sharing!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

DYING over your eyelash routine...ha ha! i like mine to be like tammy faye baker (no seriously) so the clumpier, the better! i hate using a new mascara because they are so much better when they dry out. your skin is so beautiful. i am going to go back and read your skincare routine AGAIN. please tell me that you have a wrinkle or two IRL. i am seriously afraid you won't recognize me in real life when you see all of my ok, now i've written a book!

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Alyson said...

WOWza, no wonder why your make-up looks so good! I do not have the patience for any of that to be honest. :( I do love using chocolate brown and nudes though.. also better for my skin tone. Love your tips.... perfect for a big night out for me (which is on Saturday!).

Kate M. said...

Smokey eye tutorial would be great! :D

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I love how you line your eyes.

Irene said...

Nuevo post en mi blog!!!!
New post on my blog!!!!

Amy said...

Would love to see the smokey eye! When I attempt it I just look like a raccoon...


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Wow, you can come do mine! Thanks for the tips! Happy weekend!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

I would like the smokey eye tutorial please! I always end up like I have been punched. Also I have quite small features so if you know any ways to sort of open up the eyes (hope I am making sense) I'd love to hear...

the balanced libra said...

I loved this beauty makeup post! I also use L'Oreal volumizing Its been my favorite since H.S. I am obsessive about my lashes being curled too!
I love you as a brunette!