Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PPF Wish List

Today I thought I would share with you the items that I'm loving right now & my method for keeping an eye on them until a sale pops up!  When I am browsing online and find a piece that I love but isn't in my price range, I save the link as a favorite bookmark into a folder labeled "Sale Stalking".  Then I go back and regularly (about once a week) check those items to see if they've been marked down yet.  Also, because I update my Sales Page every day, I am always aware of discounts/deals being offered at all my favorite stores, so that helps me too.  

It doesn't always work - there are times when I've waited for a sale/markdown to buy something and by the time it's affordable for me, my size is all sold out.  And there are times when that's happened and I've lucked out & found that same piece months later on eBay for less.  But, it's all part of the game when you're budget-shopping!  So, with that being said, here are the things I'm currently wishing for & watching closely (note: with the current J. Crew sale, I'm seriously debating pulling the trigger on #3 and/or #9)...

3) J. Crew Stripe Linen Sweater - $59.99 (extra 40% off with code OURTREAT)
4) Tinley Road Faux Leather Peplum Top - $89.00
5) Zara Side Studded Trousers - $79.90 
6) Gap Scalloped Lace Mini Skirt - $89.95 (15% off with code GAPGIFT)
7) Type Z Lark Flats - $70.99
8) Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Shift Dress - $78.75
9) J. Crew Cafe Capri in Silk Foulard - $129.99 (extra 40% off with code OURTREAT)



jenn~the stylish housewife said...

i have the me too flats and just have to say...for anyone who is considering buying them...they are THE MOST comfy shoes ever. and that's saying a lot for a pointy toe shoe! love them!!!

xoxo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Such a fun list - I love the lace skirt!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I've been lusting after the tinley road peplum too!
Xo Megan

octoberchic.com said...

I love that leather peplum top! So gorgeous and affordable!!!


Styleclouds said...

Lovely picks! I really like the faux leather peplum top and the silver flats! And I do the same when I browse online, I put it all on my wishlist and then return once a week. Have a wonderful day! xo, Christina


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

love your picks Kim! i was drooling over those red J Crew pants the other day too! great minds think alike :)


Fashion Fractions

dreamingincashmere said...

Those side-studded trousers are beyond amazing!!! That 40% off tempts me everytime & usually wins.:)

Mira said...

Awesome picks. Number 2,4,5 and 9 are my favs but I already bought to many things :D


A J said...

I have my eye on those flats too! I'm they are still on sale (and in my size) when I hit the Nordstrom anniversay sale on Friday!


TaraMixandMatch said...

These are all great picks! I love both flats....the silver would be so fun!

Andreea said...

Those J. Crew Cafe Capri in Silk Foulard are insanely gorgeous! <3

lisa signorini said...

what amazing wish list!!!

Visit my fashion blog and if it like u, we can follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin!
let me know!!!!
Lisa S. per www.thecurlylady.blogspot.com

My Dressy Ways said...

Great picks Kimberly! I have my eye on those Me Too flats too! I almost pulled the trigger a couple weeks ago - but I don't wear flats much so $60 is a little too much to spend. I LOVE the Tinley Road peplum top!! And those black trousers - so you!

Alissa said...

I want that clutch and the shoes!! These are some great tips and I am going to try some!

Laura said...

Cute picks! I do the same thing, but I usually save the links in an email or evernote since I'm not always on the same browser at home - that way I can check at work or from wherever!

LindseyY said...

Hi Kim, I love your blog!! I found this dress at one of my favorite online shops, Ruche, and thought it might be a decent alternative to the Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Shift dress in your wish list.



sarahsreallife said...

This is very brave of you to share the items you're stalking, with the risk that your readers will snap up what you want before you get the chance. NOT that I would do something like that... :)

Sarah's Real Life

Kimberly said...

Thanks Lindsey - unfortunately, that one would be much too short on me...but it is very similar! Thanks for sharing :)

Rachel Lynne said...

Love the faux leather peplum top! Then again, I'm a sucker for anything faux leather!

Rachel’s Lookbook

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Leather peplum = totally amazing <3

If you have a free moment I would so appreciate if you could check out my new post!

The Urban Umbrella



Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love the peplum top and the jcrew pants. So cute!!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Laura Lily said...

I sale stalk too! Which program do you use to set up those awesome photo collages?

Kimberly said...

Hey Laura - I use a combination of PowerPoint and PicMonkey...although have been meaning to look into SnagIt, since I've heard that is better! :)

Tiffany M* said...

I have a few of these items on my "to watch" list as well! Love those JCrew pants though-the print is so fun!

his little lady said...

yep, can i please have one of everything? those last pants are absolutely perfect!
xo TJ

Lindsay Patrick said...

Kim, where is your sale to watch page? I clicked on the sick and saw all the great sales listed, but is it somewhere on your blog that I'm missing?

Love that you do this, I am not as organized with my sale stalking but I try :)

Lindsay @

Mz Savvy Style said...

Great picks! I love the lace skirt!

Kimberly said...

Lindsay, the link is in my right sidebar with the button "Sales Alerts" - it's a page that I update daily with a list of sales and coupons at my favorite stores!

estellelamode.com said...

Great selection. The J.Crew pants and the the peplum top are gorgeous!


styleonthecouch.com said...

My eyes were drawn to number four - that's a perfect investment for fall when it's going to be leather leather all around. Very chic!


Sheree said...

I am in love with that peplum,,, great pics hon!


Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

A sales bookmark folder is such a good idea, I need to start one. And I love your wishlist, the silver flats are gorgeous!

Mrs C said...

LOVE 3 AND 6!!

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where Fashion and Food collide!

ZADIN said...

Looking at all these pieces I can say you have great taste and wisdom. I'm learning so much from you, not only about fashion, but also about saving money... My husband would surely love you.


Ilse said...

great tip!
tahnk u!