Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hair, Skin & Nails

Summer is the most relaxing of all seasons - full of fun outdoor activities, dips in the pool & basking in the warm sunshine. Unfortunately, the constant heat & sweating can make skin breakout; damaging effects of the sun can cause hair to look dry & coarse and regular exposure to chlorine can weaken nails.  

My own personal skincare process includes washing with Dove Soap, using my Clarisonic Mia three times a week & moisturizing with CeraVe day & night.  But, in addition to my usual routine, I have started using the 5 products below to give my skin a healthy glow, keep my hair shiny & help my nails grow strong.  I've been so impressed with the results that I just had to share them with you - and I'd love to hear about your favorite products to use in the summer, so please mention in the comments below!



Ana Rinck said...

Great advice!
I've been taking pre-natal vitamins for a while (not pregnant or trying to) and my nails and hair have been growing like crazy. The best ones I've found are the gummy ones, no horse pills to swallow. And they taste good!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

I should probably run out and buy all of these right now since so far every product you've recommended has been amazing. I am addicted to that Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion Lip Liner...which is very hard to find I guess!!!

XOXO, Jenn
The Stylish Housewife

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing this, I am going to definitely look into some of these!!

Sincerely Miss Ash

dani said...

I love that clear shine glaze! My hair has definitely been softer and shinier since I started using it a couple months ago!

<3 The Daily Dani

Catching Flight said...

I've been hearing so many good things about coconut oil. Apparently, it can be used for almost anything!

Personally, I start using witch hazel on a cotton pad in the summer to wipe my face when it starts feeling greasy.

chic Saturday by Kelly said...

Love your skin washing routine products and enjoy the same...I'll have to check out some of these others as well. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

Kelly from Chic Saturday

Megan, said...

I'm all about omegas and coconut oil, i still take prenatal, two years later ;)

Xo, Megan,

GoldenGirls said...

ooOoOoo very cool! LOOOVE it! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

Jen Nelson said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm definitely going to pick a few of these up and start trying!!


Alicia Mackin said...

Hmmnn I will have to look in to those omega threes...

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Alyson said...

oh, i always love new product finds. need to check out that fight and fade, and really should be taking more vitamins.


chelsie | chelsie, darling said...

taking better care of my hair, skin + nails is something I need to work on! thanks for the suggestions! x

FitTravelerAJ said...

All of these look like great products, I will have to try them out...especially the one for nails!


Whitney Cosgrave said...

great tips! thanks for these!

ps -check out my James Jeans giveaway!

Lauren @ Style of One's Own said...

I love my Mia as well! In addition to taking Omega supplements I also take Biotin and Collagen...if you're interested in supplements for hair/skin/nails I recommend checking them out. :) Going to have to try out the Neutrogena blemish treatment.

Style of One's Own

Kaitlin said...

Great tips! CeraVae is fantastic!

SciNerdGirl said...

Great tips. I'm actually a huge fan of Biotin (Vitamin B7) supplements. It has made my skin, nails and hair much healthier. Also Retinol cream is great for the skin (just remember to use sunscreen)

Lexi said...

I am 100% trying that John Frieda glaze - sounds awesome!
xx lexi @ glitter, inc.