Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Beauty

It's finally June (so hard to believe) and the weather is already behaving as if we're in the middle of summer...hello, heat wave!  So I decided this would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite new beauty finds that I have used and will be re-purchasing all season long.  You can see my full reviews below, along with the product links & why I like them so much.  Since I love trying out new products, feel free to share in the comments below if there's something you've recently discovered (or an old favorite) that you'll be using for summer!

This is technically a primer, but I love wearing it on days when I'm not putting on makeup - it smooths skin out, minimizes pores and evens skin-tone.

A summer necessity!  I love the tropical packaging and that it's easy to throw in my purse & use on the go.

This product works like a charm to make feet unbelievably soft - better than any scrub or pedicure tool I've tried.  But be warned that when your skin starts peeling off, it can be messy.  I recommend doing it over the weekend when you don't have going-out plans.

This chubby stick makes highlighting a breeze - skim over the top of cheekbones, above your cupid's bow and brow bones for a golden shimmer.

I've tried dozens of facial tanning lotions in the past and every single one resulted in an artificial hue.  This one not only moisturizes but the gradual color looks completely natural.  Note: this lotion does not contain SPF, so that should be applied separately.

I shared about my new-found obsession with this body exfoliator on Instagram and several of you agreed to its miracle-transforming properties.  I have been using every 3 days and am so pleased with the results!


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Kayla Gilbert said...

I love the Tarte blotting papers! A total must for sweaty summer days..!!