Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Grateful Heart

For the last two years, I have wanted to write this post.  And every time I've sat down to type it out, I cannot get past the first paragraph because my emotions are so close to the surface.  It instantly brings me to tears the moment I think about it because I am completely overcome with gratitude.  But, I don't want to put it off anymore.  I don't want to let another day pass without telling you the truth.  And "thank you" simply doesn't cut it - you need to know the whole story.   

As many of you long-time readers may recall, at the end of September 2012, my husband lost his job.  I vividly remember when he called me from his office to tell me what had taken place.  We knew layoffs were happening at his company but we didn't expect that he would be let go.  As he pulled in the driveway that afternoon & unpacked the boxes from his car, I felt a strange sense of peace wash over me - I somehow knew that everything was going to be okay.  I should have been panicking about how we were going to pay our mortgage, keep the kids in the private school they loved and continue to pay off our medical debts. But, amazingly, my faith didn't waver...and though I waited for that feeling of impending doom, it never came.   

Now, two years later, I can so clearly see how it was all unfolding and how it was all a part of God's perfect plan. The truth is that my husband was out of work for over a year and it was only because of your participation with & sharing of my site that we were able to survive that difficult time.  Though you may not have known it, because of your support, this blog was able to meet our financial needs.  When someone gives your family a gift like that, you don't take it lightly.  There are so many nights that my husband & I have sat talking about this, reflecting back on it all, and just wept together...because we feel so overwhelmingly blessed.  

Although this blog began as a hobby & creative outlet for me, it has evolved into something so much greater than I ever could have imagined.  And I don't say that out of pride for what it has brought me - though I'm appreciative of every opportunity that's come my way...those are not the things that motivate me to work harder; they are not what drives me.  At the end of the day, it really isn't about me at all.  

I have taken this job seriously because I enjoy what I am doing - but, more importantly, because it is a way to take care of the people I love most.  Like every working mom, there are many days when I find it difficult to manage the responsibilities of work & parenting. But, even when my plate is full & I'm struggling to balance it all...you will never hear me complain. Because every moment is a blessing.  Every single aspect of this job is a gift because it's providing for my family.

I'm sharing all of this today because I want to acknowledge the role that you, as readers, have played & the significant impact it has had on our lives.  We want you to know how incredibly grateful we are & how often we thank God for each one of you.  I am touched by your kindness, humbled by your loyalty & honored that you have made PPF part of your daily routine.  I truly hope that comes across in the effort that I put into the posts I create and in my responses to your comments & emails.  I want every single word I write here & every online interaction that I have to be grace-filled, unmistakably sincere and dripping with gratitude.  Because I know full-well that it could all be gone tomorrow and I don't want to take a second for granted.  This is me...heart overflowing, tears spilling out...saying thank you. 

Photos by Olya Myers


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