Thursday, January 8, 2015

How To: Layer Necklaces

The next couple months will be focused not on buying new things, but on making the most of what we already own, and jewelry can play a big role in adding interest to your outfits & transforming basics into a look that's eye-catching & unique.  So I decided to share some ideas for ways to layer necklaces with different necklines.  I did my best to show varying styles and combinations here to give you inspiration for pieces you might have in your jewelry box.  The important part is to have fun with it!  You never know what  you might come up with through a little bit of trial & error.  I was able to create these looks using pieces from my closet, but for those who are looking to beef up their jewelry collection, I've posted affordable options below (including some all-in-one styles that have a multi-chain effect).  Here are a couple of tips to remember before adding necklaces to your look:

1) Pay close attention to fabric & neckline - thicker knits look best with statement pieces (unless they are a deep v-neck) whereas silky fabrics are more versatile & can carry both chunkier pieces & dainty styles.  And make sure that your neckline isn't competing with your jewelry - the pieces should complement what you're wearing.

2) Buy a necklace extender (I have one in each color) - if the length of the pieces you're trying to pair together aren't compatible, these help you make adjustments so they lay just right.

3) In most cases, it's best to skip the ear candy...unless they are minimalist studs.  You want to have your neckline be the focus and, when you add earrings, it can come off as overly accessorized. 

4) Start with the largest necklace at the bottom and build from there, adding lighter/smaller pieces as you go up.  You can either stack them neatly leaving spaces in between (see example 1 below) or let them sit on top of one other for an effortless, piled-on look (as shown in the photo above).



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