Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wardrobe Workhorse

I began this series a few months ago to help inspire you to use your wardrobe staples to the fullest.  The best way to build a versatile closet is to have a few key pieces that are style chameleons & can be worn a multitude of different ways.  My previous two posts were based around a striped sweater & black blazer - so, for this month, I decided to focus on a classic pencil skirt.  This is a silhouette that flatters everyone regardless of your shape - it's work appropriate, can be dressed up for evening or made more casual for daytime.  And, even better, it's one piece that will never go out of style.  So, it's a safe investment if you want to justify spending a little bit more - though I think there are plenty of affordable options that will hold up just as well.  

I personally don't have off-the-rack proportions so when I buy a pencil skirt, I make sure that it fits the largest part of my lower half (for me, that's the hips) and then I have it altered (taken in at the waist) for a perfectly tailored look.  I chose to use a neutral skirt in my outfit examples here, because it is interchangeable & season-less, but you could easily apply these same styling ideas to whatever color, print or texture skirt you currently have in your closet. Please let me know what item you'd like to see featured next in this series - I love hearing your feedback!



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