Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Today marks the 4 year anniversary of PPF.  It seems so unbelievable to me when I really sit down and think about the fact that I have been doing this for four whole years...it's actually the longest I've ever held the same job.  So much has changed since the beginning: the landscape of the fashion blogging industry itself (back then, Pinterest was a brand new platform that was by invitation only), my own personal style (I've shifted from classic/preppy to more modern/sophisticated), and the reason why I blog (it was originally a creative outlet & is now a full-time job). When I began in February 2011, I was focused on offering style advice, sharing affordable fashion finds and giving beauty tips - outfit posts weren't even on my radar until readers began requesting them.  

There has been plenty of trial & error through the years - I've accepted gifted items that I later learned weren't the best quality; I unknowingly partnered with brands that didn't have a stellar reputation and I've had more than my fair share of mediocre outfits. But I have learned valuable lessons from my mistakes - that it's good to say no more than you say yes, that it's important to do thorough research before collaborating with a company & that you have to stay true to who you are above all else.

Any online content creator will tell you that there are different seasons - times when you feel elated about the work you're publishing and times where you feel like nothing you do is hitting the mark.  It's a challenging process, complicated by the fact that everything you produce can be judged and criticized openly.  People will misunderstand you, unfairly attack you & point out your flaws.  When those things happen to me, I have to stop & remind myself that this is the job I CHOSE and those types of responses simply come with the territory.  I have always done my best to handle each encounter with grace, to find the truth in the critiques & to grow from them.

Though I mentioned it previously here, this blog has been a tremendous blessing for our family - it provided for us during a difficult season and it has enabled my husband to work part-time for a foundation that he is so passionate about developing & expanding.  With us both working from home, it's really altered the dynamic of our family in a positive way - we feel so fortunate to be able to do the things that we love and to get the chance to spend more time together.  It's taught us to be grateful for every moment because we don't know if PPF will last forever.  There may come a day when it's time to shift my focus to other things or pass the torch onto someone else.  

Whatever the future may hold, my goal continues to remain the same...and it's not about growing traffic or increasing my income.  I want to be able to look back on the work I've done and know with 100% confidence that I was authentic, that I operated my business with integrity and that I took every opportunity to reach out & help others.  Getting the chance to interact with other women has been the greatest reward from having this site. Hearing your stories, sharing what I'm going through and connecting on a deeper level has brought me such immeasurable blessings.  I hope you know how thankful I am for each one of you - your support over the years has meant more to me than you will ever know. 


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