Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Skin Fix

This has been such a strange & challenging winter - what began very late and seemed uncharacteristically mild at first has now hit us full force in February.  My skin had been handling the cold relatively well until the last few weeks of subzero temperatures.  The lotion I was previously using simply wasn't cutting it and I needed to pull out something richer & more intensive that could protect my hands from the arctic blast.  In addition to my own personal skin problems, I noticed that my kids were starting to have issues as well.  To keep their classrooms germ-free, they are required to wash with an anti-bacterial soap multiple times a day at school.  Unfortunately, my son & daughter have very sensitive their hands have become extremely dried out, nearly to the point of cracking, from excessive exposure to this harsh cleanser.  

But, this story has a happy ending & it's all thanks to a miracle product we were recently introduced to.  Skinfix is a new-to-me brand, but they've actually been around for decades, and their line has now been made available at Target.  I was so happy to find a product that didn't contain any harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens or soy (which I have avoid, due to my auto-immune disease).  I started using the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream on our entire family 2 weeks ago and we have seen such a huge improvement!  I love that it's safe enough for all of us to use, that it absorbs quickly & immediately soothes our rough, dry skin.  I also appreciate that a little goes a long way - you only need a pea-sized amount, which means that a single tube lasts quite a while.  We now have one stashed in our car (for quick applications before the kids head into school), by the kitchen sink (essential for applying after washing dishes) & in my handbag (for easy access on the go).  And, best of all, it's under $18, so we can restock as needed without breaking the bank!

What I'm wearing:
c/o Dorothy Perkins coat (I'm wearing a US 4), Ann Taylor sweater (also similar here & here), LOFT shirt
c/o Old Navy jeans (similar here or here), Joan & David boots (similar here or here), c/o Old Navy bag (similar), 
Bracelets: Vintage, Forever 21 (similar) & LOFT (similar), Nails: c/o JINsoon Auspicious

Trusted for generations, Skinfix's award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin
Available exclusively at Target


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