Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hair & Skin Heroes

One of the (many) fun parts of my job is getting to try out several new beauty, skin care & hair products - I would say on average I test between 3-5 each month and I do my best to reserve judgement until I've tried them for a full two weeks.  I am committed to only sharing the absolute best with you here and I can truthfully say that these 4 products have radically transformed my skin and hair since I've been using them.  While my site is focused on budget-friendly finds, I'm realizing as I get older that I'm more willing to splurge on high quality beauty products (particularly when I find that they produce amazing results).  Two of these are above what I would normally spend - but in my opinion, they are worth every penny.

As mentioned here before, I've experienced a significant amount of hair loss over the last year due to my autoimmune disease.  For someone who always had very thick, naturally curly hair growing up, this was devastating to me and I had to completely shift from the products I was using to new brands that would help create more volume & lift.  My friend Jenny raved about this product line so much that she started selling it herself and offered me a sample to try.  I really love that it's formulated without phthalates, sulfates or parabens.  I can't say enough about how full & thick my hair looked after just one use...and, unlike other lines I've tried, the volume lasted all throughout the day.  You can get the system for less + free shipping when you sign up as a VIP (one time fee of $19.99), which is what I'll be doing to make re-ordering less expensive.

Anything that helps extend the life of my blowout is worth its weight in gold to me.  This leave-in product is under $30 and works like a charm to revitalize your strands while you sleep (genius!).  I apply 2 pumps to my hair before bed and then style as usual in the morning.  It makes my hair so soft, helps eliminate frizz & gets me through one or two extra days without having to wash again.  I actually prefer it over the dry shampoo I was previously using.

This was another product referral from my friend Alyson who tried these and swore her skin was instantly brighter & smoother.  After using for just a week, I noticed that my pores were visibly minimized & I started receiving compliments on my complexion.  Because my skin is on the sensitive side, I began using these just 3 nights a week and gradually worked my way up to a daily application.

I've repeatedly attempted to find a good retinol-based skin care product in the past, but every single one I tried was too harsh for my skin and caused significant redness and/or dry patches.  This is the first one I've used that didn't have that effect & left my skin feeling softer.  After seeing such great results, I've actually started using it on my hands too!


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