Monday, June 15, 2015

A Memorable Father's Day

My husband lost his dad years ago, so Father's Day is always a bittersweet day for him.  Because of this, I go out of my way to make the celebration extra special to ensure that he feels loved, honored and appreciated.  We don't typically buy each other large gifts for birthdays or Christmas, but this holiday is the one time that I make an exception.  I've started my own gift-giving tradition when it comes to Father's Day presents & it's always worked well over the years.  I give him 3 separate gifts that meet the following criteria:

1) Something that creates a memory 
A special trip to a new place, a family hike, a day of golfing, etc.  This year I splurged and bought him tickets to see U2 in concert later this summer with his friends.  They are his favorite band and, because we don't know how much longer they'll be touring, I wanted to make sure he had a chance to see them this year.

2) Something he can use every day 
A new wallet, a BBQ tool set, outdoor speakers, etc.  I try to choose something that is functional & meets a current need.  This leather strap watch caught my eye and I instantly knew that he would love it.  It's a classic timepiece that will work with both casual looks & his business attire.  Bonus: he won't have to keep checking his phone for the time anymore!

3) Something from the heart
Usually this involves handmade gifts from the kids or a framed collage of photos from his childhood.  But this year I'll be surprising him by baking the same cake that was served at our wedding, which happens to be his all-time favorite.  It's a 4-layer chocolate chip cake with fudge filling + buttercream icing (quite the undertaking, but I know he will love it).

I'd love to hear about your traditions surrounding this holiday and how you choose to celebrate the special men in your life.  And don't worry, if you haven't yet bought a Father's Day present, there's still time!  I've rounded up my top picks from Nordstrom to help make your gift selection process a bit easier - shipping is free & you can still place an order to receive before this Sunday!

All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


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