Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Monthly Edit

Though it's two years old, I just came across this article last week and it really struck a chord with me.  It talks about sharing with our daughters why staying active & being healthy is important (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with fitting into a specific size).  I think she makes solid points & provides a great perspective on what our true focus should be.  I've mentioned before my own personal challenges of parenting a tween when it comes to body image (here), so I want to be very purposeful about teaching her the correct motivation for fitness.

One of the things I love most about social media is connecting with other women who I would not have otherwise crossed paths with.  I can't remember how I came across Andrea's site, but I instantly loved her realistic approach to clean eating and could definitely relate to her journey dealing with an AI disease.  We had conversed a few times on Instagram, so when she started talking about BeautyCounter, I was intrigued.  I've been trying to slowly transition to beauty products with less harmful ingredients & this seemed like a great option.  I ordered the sunscreen for our whole family & this foundation for myself (I was previously using Estée Lauder Double Wear).  I absolutely fell in love with Tint Skin and found it to be much more natural looking than what I had been wearing before.  It goes on a little light, but has a nice buildable formula for those who need a bit more coverage.  (The shade I wear is Linen & they have a flexible return policy if the color you order isn't a perfect match for your skintone.)

With the recent heat wave we've been experiencing in New York, I haven't been wanting to bake for my family as much I normally do.  And my kids were getting upset with me for not letting them eat all the store-bought frozen desserts that their friends in the neighborhood regularly enjoy.  So we came to a compromise and decided to make our own popsicles - that way I could control the ingredients to ensure they were healthy & they would still feel like they were getting a special treat.  I bought these BPA-free molds & we have since used them to make fudgesicles, fruit pops & orange creamsicles.

A mule is the quintessential transitional shoe for wearing in between summer & fall because they combine the coverage of a bootie with ease of a slip-on.  Though I already own some in black (last seen here), I think the neutral tone & 70's-inspired buckle details of this suede pair would be perfect for wearing with everything from maxi skirts to jeans to dresses.

It's important not to take fashion too seriously, so I try to challenge myself to have more fun with my wardrobe, play around with trends & take risks.  I'm not 100% certain I can pull off a neckerchief, but I love the classic Grace Kelly-esque look of a silk scarf knotted at the neck.  I've been hunting at local thrift shops & antique stores for a vintage version, but also just ordered this black patterned one.  I plan on tying it like this and wearing with a striped top or crisp button-down.  (This cotton one is another good solid-color option for summer.)

This summer I've found myself preferring smaller crossbody bags over my larger satchels & totes.  Not only is it easier on my back to carry something a little lighter, but I appreciate the convenience of hands-free shopping.  Now that it's August, I'm trying to look ahead to the next season & focus on fall-specific purchases...so when I came across this suede saddlebag during a 50% off sale, I quickly snatched it up.  The deep ruby hue is so beautifully rich and it's the ideal size for everyday use.  (There's also a chic bucket bag in the same color.)


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