Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Monthly Edit

I typically purchase a fashion magazine to flip through when I'm traveling, but last month before my trip to NYFW, I came across this book at an airport store & quickly snatched it up to read instead.  Over the summer, my brother had mentioned how much he was enjoying this author and the premise of this particular book really intrigued to me.  We have faced many unexpected challenges as a family in the last few years that I never would have considered as "advantages" (unemployment, losing loved ones, health problems, etc.).  But the way he articulates his findings made me truly view our circumstances differently, which has since given me a newfound & much-needed shift of perspective.

I'm always on the hunt for lip color with serious staying power, so I was happy when one of my friends introduced me to Stila's Liquid Lipstick.  I've been switching between wearing this classic red (Fiery) and this shimmery neutral (Dolce).  It truly doesn't budge throughout the day, so I don't have to reapply after meals or worry about it rubbing off when I kiss my kids.  Plus, I love that it's formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates and is free of GMO's & synthetic dyes.

Though it may be cliché, I have a hard time resisting just about any warm fall-flavored drink when this season rolls around.  There's nothing better on a cold crisp morning, so I've started making my own version at home - I can save a little bit of money by doing it myself, plus it gives me the ability to control the sweetness & ensure that only healthy ingredients are going into my cup of joe.  This pumpkin spice latte recipe is a new favorite that you can indulge in regularly without feeling guilty.

My taste in jewelry has definitely changed over the years - while I still love a good statement piece every now & then, I've been favoring more minimalist styles lately.  When I saw these earrings in last month's Nordstrom catalog, I instantly fell in love with them.  They are such a unique modern design that looks both sophisticated & appropriate for everyday wear.  I'm partial to this hematite pair, but they also come in gold & silver here.  They are more than I would normally spend on costume jewelry, so I've added them to my birthday wish list & am hoping my husband will take the hint!

Last winter I took a 2-month hiatus from my personal shopping (read the recap post here) & have been contemplating doing it again this year.  Not only did I save money during that time that we were able to use for other things, but I also found that I saw my wardrobe with new eyes and had a greater appreciation for items that were already in my closet.  I'll be announcing the exact dates soon & would invite anyone who is interested to join me in this challenge.

I've been on the hunt for a lighter colored neutral ankle boot since last year but hadn't been able to find exactly what I was looking for.  So last month, when I had some Gap Cash to spend, I decided to take a chance & order this leather pair.  They took a little breaking in, but now are perfectly comfortable & are precisely what I wanted.  I love that they have a slightly pointed toe (always more leg-elongating, in my opinion) & a lower shaft, which means I can wear them with just about anything.


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