Monday, February 1, 2016

My Monthly Edit

My husband's grandmother passed away earlier this month at the age of 103 (I chose the picture above because lilacs were her favorite flower).  He flew back to Oregon on Saturday to give the eulogy at her memorial service and to spend the week with his family.  As I read what he had written about her, I was reminded all over again what an incredible woman she was and I felt so fortunate that both of my kids had the chance to know their great-grandmother.  She would walk 2 miles to volunteer at the local hospital each week, she donated thousands of dollars to charities without a second thought and she was one of the most joyful women I've ever met (you can watch the news story about her here).  She provided us with such an amazing example of a life well-lived & one that was focused on serving others.

This blouse was the very last purchase I made before starting my Winter Shopping Freeze - I was browsing through the extensive amount of sale items online at H&M and decided to add it to my cart along with this camel coat (seen here).  It's a perfect example of a classic piece with a modern twist...and the fact that it's 100% silk in the prettiest blush/nude made me love it even more.  Thankfully, we've continued to have unseasonably warm weather, so I've already had the chance to wear it - once with white denim & lace-up flats and once with black cropped trousersgray suede pumps.

A big part of my journey to health has been adjusting my diet, but I've also begun making changes to the regular household products we use, in an effort to minimize our exposure to harsh chemicals.  Instead of throwing everything out & starting from scratch, I've simply replaced products with less harmful substitutes as we've run out of them.  I've been using (& loving) Norwex cloths for well over a year and finally decided to give the laundry detergent a try after hearing such great reviews from friends & family.  It's definitely more expensive than what I was using before, but I can happily report that it works just as effectively and I feel better knowing that it is a safer option for me & my family.

For the last few years, I've been storing my rings in a vintage cut glass dish that belonged to my grandmother.  And, while I loved the nostalgia of having it on display, my collection has grown considerably since then and it was no longer a functional option for me.  Every time I needed a ring, I would have to either dig through to the bottom or dump them all out on top of my dresser to find the one I wanted.  Thankfully a reader shared with me about a ring organizer she found at The Container Store and I quickly picked it up (I bought the 25-section divided tray).  For those who are looking for other jewelry storage solutions, I also have these acrylic stands that I use for my bracelets & watches.

I've mentioned here before that I am a recovering people-pleaser.  For me, it was something that began in adolescence and, regrettably, I have carried it with me into my adult years.  While I feel that I've done a better job in my thirties of stepping away from those tendencies, there are still times when I fall back into old patterns and need to adjust the way I connect with & respond to others.  This article was such a good read and provides both helpful & practical tips for ways to avoid this trap, while keeping a firm grasp on your self-worth and maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I told my husband the item that was at the top of my wish list this year is a simple classic watch.  I'm finding that I hardly wear my chunky metal boyfriend style at all anymore so I would love something that's smaller and more wearable for everyday.  This one has a minimalist face & neutral leather strap, which would make it perfect for wearing with everything from tailored separates to casual basics.  It also comes in sleek black and soft the hardest part is deciding on which color!


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