Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anti-Aging Tips

I've always been a big believer in aging gracefully - I know everyone has differing opinions on the topic, but for me personally, I don't want to get any sort of injections or have procedures done as I get older.  However, when I hit my mid-thirties, I definitely started to notice some changes in my skin.  But, rather than get discouraged by them, I simply found new ways to manage & counteract those signs of aging.  I still have laugh lines & crow's feet, but I've found that I'm so much happier when I focus on the things that I can control and work on playing up my best features.  So today I'm sharing my top 5 tips & the products I swear by to achieve a fresh, youthful look that will help you feel your best!

1) Make Moisturizing #1
This was an important lesson I learned early on from my dermatologist.  In many ways, you're better off embracing a little shine because nothing ages you faster than having visibly dry skin.  Even if you tend to have a more oily complexion, it's so crucial to moisturize regularly, especially around the under eye area where skin can begin to get a crepe-like texture.  Be sure that your daytime moisturizer includes sunscreen (or apply it separately).  For nighttime, I love the POND'S Dry Skin Cream because it's deeply hydrating and it really soaks into my skin instead of just sitting on top, like other products I've tried.

2) Get With The Glow
Avoid foundations with matte finishes as they can easily settle into fine lines.  A dewy glow with a slightly flushed cheek gives you a more youthful appearance.  This is why I recently switched from a semi-matte full coverage foundation to this CC Cream with SPF.  I use this translucent powder to set my makeup, but I recommend applying it sparingly & only where you need it (in the T-zone) - skip other areas of the face where it can exaggerate wrinkles and make skin look too dry.  If you don't have naturally dewy skin, dab a little liquid highlighter onto the cheekbones & blend well (see detailed instructions here).

3) Instant Eye Lift
Some people will tell you to avoid putting mascara on your lower lashes, but I don't think that's a hard and fast rule. However, wearing a dark liner on the bottom part of your eyes will not only make your eyes appear smaller, but it can also create shadows and accentuate dark circles.  If you really feel you need some color on your lower lids, use a soft color like gray or light brown and smudge lightly so the line is diffused and softened.  I also recommend going light with concealer in your under eye area - while spackled on product might cover those dark circles, it will also highlight lines and wrinkles as it wears throughout the day.  I love this concealer (and have gotten several friends & family members hooked on it) because it has a built-in moisturizer.

4) Perfect Your Pout
As we get older, fine lines can start to develop around the mouth, which creates a potential problem for lipstick wear.  I swear by using an invisible liner, like this one, which helps create a barrier around the edge of the lips to help prevent lipstick from feathering or bleeding.  I've also learned that glosses have more of a tendency to migrate because of their liquid consistency.  So if you want to add a little shine, dab it just in the middle of your bottom lip instead of all over - bonus: this gives the illusion of a fuller pout.

5) Create An Anti-Aging Routine
As any expert will tell you, a strict & consistent regimen is the key to healthy skin.  And it's never too late to start, even if you're just now embracing a regular skincare routine.  I have tried dozens of products over the years, but I keep coming back to this POND'S Rejuveness Cream.  Thanks to a combination of alpha hydroxy acids, collagen and vitamin E, it visibly softens fine lines and wrinkles.  Because my skin is on the sensitive side, I started using it just in the evenings before bed and slowly worked my way up to twice-a-day applications.  My first jar lasted almost 4 months because it only takes a little to cover your entire face & neck, so you really get your money's worth.  And don't forget your hands - they show signs of aging even before your face in many cases, so I recommend applying it all over your hands and rubbing it in really well.

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