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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Recent Purchases

Striped Sweater // Lace-Up Shirt // Patterned Blazer // Lace-Up Heels // Silk Scarf // Flat Espadrilles

This is the second year in a row that I've done a two-month winter shopping freeze and I have every intention of making it a yearly tradition.  After not spending any money on clothes for 60 days, you would think that I'd be tempted to go overboard and purchase everything I've been adding to my wish list.  But, in reality, the absence of new items in my closet has made me truly zero in on specific garments I want to complete my wardrobe.  So, instead of making a dozen impulse purchases, I find that I've actually been more intentional coming off of a hiatus.  During this time, I learned that I have plenty of basics in my closet, so I wanted for any new purchases to be items with special & unique details that really make them stand out.  In addition to the pieces above, I also picked up this pretty lace top & this metallic linen tee.  Here are a few spring outfit ideas that I have for my latest buys:


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