Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summer Nail Care

I grew up with a mom who always had bright red polish on her nails - I remember only one time when I was little that I saw her bare nails without polish & I thought something was wrong with them!  She taught me the correct way to file, shape & paint my nails and I'm so thankful for her guidance because I can now give myself manicures at home, without having to spend money for them at a salon.  Though I'm not currently taking any supplements, in the past I have used collagen to help promote & stimulate growth.  I also found that when I switched my diet to only eating whole organic foods (eliminating grains, sugar & processed junk), I noticed a huge improvement in the strength & overall health of my nails.  I can usually get my manicures to last between 7 and 10 days using these products:

Target Nail Polish Remover - I love this convenient pump dispenser & strengthening formula
OPI Flex Nail Buffer - After filing & shaping my nails, I use this to buff them & get rid of any ridges or uneven spots
Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat - This is by far the best base coat I've tried because it acts like double-stick tape and really adheres to the polish, which prolongs the life of your manicure
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - The fastest drying top coat on the market with a high gloss finish - this is the only one I use and I swear by it (especially handy if you're a mom & need your nails dry quickly!)
Orly Cuticle Care Complex - Once my nails are completely dry, I apply this nourishing oil to keep my cuticles moisturized & looking healthy (I also reapply daily throughout the week)

When I'm painting my nails, I take care to apply the polish all the way to the nail bed, without touching the cuticle. This is crucial in achieving a professional looking manicure &  it's the #1 mistake most women make.  If I happen to go over & get some lacquer on my cuticle, I use my thumb nail from the opposite hand & run it along the inside of the cuticle to wipe away any mistakes (for this reason, I always paint my thumbs last).  If there are any additional swipes of polish on my fingers at the end, I dip a pointed q-tip in remover and gently rub over those areas.

I own so many polishes that there are very few I actually run out of because I tend to rotate the colors I wear quite frequently.  But, just recently, I discovered that a handful of my polishes needed to be replaced because I was nearing the end of the bottle.  This was also an indicator to me of the colors I wear most frequently, so I thought I would share my absolute favorite shades with you.  Each of these hues will look good on any skin tone & every single option listed below is a formula that provides good coverage & holds up well through regular wear & tear.

Essie Blanc (opaque snowy white) // Essie Fiji (creamy pale pink)
Essie Cascade Cool (soft pastel lilac pink) // Essie Tart Deco (bright cantaloupe coral)
Essie Off The Shoulder (medium hot pink creme) // Essie California Coral (true bright coral)
Essie Fiesta (cool bright fuschia) // Essie Lollipop (classic candy apple red / Olivia Palermo's signature color)

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