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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winter Wardrobe Challenge

For those who are following along, today is the first in a series of weekly wardrobe challenges.  These are for everyone to gain inspiration from, but more specifically targeted to those who are joining in my winter shopping freeze.  I will be refraining from personal purchases during the month of December & January - this includes clothing, shoes, accessories & beauty products (except for those I run out of that need to be replaced).  When I've done this before, I've found that I'm forced to look at my wardrobe with new eyes, dig for pieces I haven't worn in a while and get creative with different combinations.  So, I hope these collages will be helpful as you do the same - and for those who are still shopping during this time, I'll be including affordable options based on each week's theme.

In the winter, I tend to gravitate towards lots of black & burgundy, but I like the idea of wearing lighter shades to contrast with what you would typically expect to see during the cold-weather season.  This is a great time to try pulling out your white jeans & winterizing them by adding an oatmeal sweater with a camel coat.  Or go for a neutral monochrome look with a cozy scarf & gray denim.  The pairing possibilities are endless - see some of my favorites examples below:



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