Friday, January 20, 2017

January Q&A

One thing I do at the beginning of every year is evaluate the content that has been the most successful here on PPF. My measure for success is probably different than many other bloggers because I'm not looking at monetary achievements - I'm most interested in what gets you engaged, what you tend to respond to the most & what resonates with the widest range of women.  Because I receive quite a few emails requesting assistance with finding specific items or asking for advice in a particular area, I've decided these might be helpful to share on this platform for everyone's benefit.

This will be an ongoing series where I'll be answering questions that I've received over the course of a month.  If you have some that you'd like to send in for February, please email me & I will do my best to include as many as possible. My goal is to address a broader scope of topics in these posts (fitness, lifestyle, parenting, etc.), so nothing is off limits!  I'm always so grateful to receive constructive feedback because I rely heavily on your input to create more useful content - so, I hope this new series will be one that you enjoy!

1) My husband washed & shrank my favorite cargo jacket that I wear all the time.  Can you help me find an affordable replacement?


2) I started Whole30 at the beginning of January & feel like I've been eating the same combination of foods over and over again.  Do you have any go-to recipes that are simple to make?

Although I do enjoy paleo baked goods & gluten-free treats occasionally, the majority of the meals I eat are Whole30-approved.  I've found what works best for me is to do my recipe research on Saturday morning, make out a list of the ingredients I need, get my grocery shopping done that afternoon & then prep all my meals for the week on Sunday after church.  I have tried lots of recipes over the last 3 years & these are a few of my favorites that I make over and over again:

Sweet Chili Salmon (another quick salmon idea here)
Stuffed Squash (sometimes I swap out the squash for peppers or zucchini boats)
Cauliflower Fried Rice (serve as a side dish or make it a meal by adding shrimp) 
TIP: if you're getting tired of eggs for breakfast, try this (I make a double batch & freeze it!)

3) I've noticed that facial masks are a big beauty trend right now & I'd love to try some, but don't want to spend a lot to find a formula that I love.  

At-home masks are a great way to pamper your skin & help replenish your skin, especially during the winter months.  But, no one wants to buy a big tub of product only to be disappointed by the results...which is why I recommend trying small bottles or single-use sheet masks.  Most of these come in larger containers that you can purchase later if you like the formula.  I suggest choosing one that targets your particular skin needs - I've included a variety of options below:

NOTE: If you're willing to spend a little more, I highly recommend this charcoal mask.  
It's my absolute favorite & all my friends have fallen in love with it too!

4) I've finally started investing in quality wardrobe staples and want to make sure I'm protecting & storing them properly so they last.  How do you care for your real leather handbags & shoes to keep them looking nice?

I spray all of my suede shoes & bags with a waterproof protector & swear by this cleaning kit for getting out spots (the brush is key!).  Most designer purses will come with their own dust bag, but if you've purchased yours on clearance or second hand, it's a good idea to buy one to store your handbag in.  I also recommend using an insert for bags that are larger and/or very soft leather so they keep their shape while not in use.  Here are some must-have products that will help you care for your leather & suede bags and shoes:

5) I just finished breastfeeding my son and found that my bust size has changed from what it was pre-pregnancy.  I would love some recommendations for everyday bras that are supportive & comfortable for a busy mom.

Believe it or not, my favorite t-shirt bras are from Gap & Aerie.  I have this one in three different colors & it works under my most fitted shirts and washes up so well (there's a wireless option here).  This scalloped bralette is another one of my favorites because it has a pretty design & it's super comfortable (if you have a larger bust, this one is a more supportive option).  These are my top picks for comfortable everyday bras:


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