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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On The Run

Nothing gets me more excited about working out than having fresh new gear to get fit in.  I've learned from experience that if I am excited to put on my activewear, that's half the battle - once I'm wearing those pieces, I'll be much more likely to actually complete a workout.  Today I'm sharing with you some of my personal fitness goals for 2017, tips for getting motivated + my favorite workout gear from Old Navy (everything on sale now + an extra 30% off with code ENJOY!).

I am so picky when it comes to my workout pants - it can be difficult to find a pair that fit comfortably, are flattering and won't stretch after wearing & washing them multiple times.  The Old Navy Compression Pants have been my "holy grail" leggings for years - I love a high-waisted style for running because I don't have to worry about them slipping down while I'm moving.  I already have 4 pairs in solid black, so it was fun to branch out with this bright colorblocked style.

Whenever I'm able, I like to transition my exercise to the outdoors - we've had such a mild winter this year so I've taken full advantage of the opportunity.  I personally prefer to wear two lightweight tops together & then I can peel off the outermost layer when I get too warm.  I'm a sucker for pullovers with thumb holes and this bold pink top perfectly matched my running pants.  I layered this open-back tank underneath, which I love because it shows off the fun strappy detail of this sports bra

Right before the holidays, I developed a regular routine at the gym...but unfortunately, after traveling & dealing with a long bout of illness, I was knocked out of my rhythm.  But now that life is finally getting back to normal, I'm picking up where I left off - our Mexico trip is in less than a month, so needless to say, I'm highly motivated!  My fitness motto for the year is "consistency, not perfection".  If you're like me & are just getting back on track, here are a few of my top tips:

1) Pace yourself
You don't want to risk injury by pushing yourself too hard; your body needs time to adapt to a new routine.  Don't get discouraged if you can't do everything you want right away - be patient with yourself & remember that it takes time to build up strength. 

2) Stretch thoroughly
Take a good 10 minutes before and after exercise to stretch - this is crucial to keeping your muscles flexible & ensuring good range of motion in your joints.  If you end up really sore & feeling tight the day after a rigorous workout, try an Epsom Salt bath to ease those aches.  I also swear by BioFreeze for relieving deep muscle pain.

3) Mix it up
Last year I got into a rut of just running & doing Pilates every week.  But, when I found out my favorite Zumba instructor was teaching again after her maternity leave, I decided to sign up for her Saturday classes.  It has challenged my body in a completely different way than the other workouts I was doing & it is by far the most fun way to break a sweat.

4) Feed your muscles
I've started to experiment a bit with intermittent fasting over the last few months & I really love the way I've felt as a result.  Because that means doing fasted cardio three times a week, it's essential for me to refuel my body after strenuous exercise.  I always focus on making that post-workout meal a balanced combination of healthy fats, protein & resistant starch so I will have the energy I need throughout the rest of the day.

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