Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Camping Recap + Summer Essentials

We just got back from a long weekend camping trip yesterday and we had the most relaxing time.  We were staying in Allegany County, which was absolutely beautiful - we saw all kinds of wildlife, including deer, woodchuck, wild turkeys & the cutest baby black bear (from a safe distance).  We also met some of the nicest people who let us take their golf cart for a spin around the campground & then later took us on a midnight adventure to see thousands of fireflies that had gathered in a nearby field.  We are continually amazed by the generosity & kindness of strangers we encounter when we're camping.  Seriously - if you ever feel like you're losing faith in humanity, just pack your bags & head to the nearest state park!

I decided to do a slightly different post today & share a few photos from our adventures, along with a round-up of our family's essential summer items.  I thought this might be helpful for those of you who love the outdoors like us - these are great whether you're hiking, camping or just heading to the beach or park for the day.  Everything you see here are products we use, love & confidently recommend.

My "getting ready routine" is pretty much non-existent when we camp - I will either wear a hat or put my hair in a braid or ponytail.  I don't even bring any makeup with me so all I need to apply each morning is a good sunscreen & lip balm.  Even though our trailer has a full bathroom, we try to conserve the water in our tank by using the campground facilities as much as possible.  So I use a large toiletry bag to carry all my things to the restroom when I'm showering and/or getting ready for bed.  At night, I wash my face and apply my favorite moisturizer, night serum, eye cream & lash growth serum.  

Similar to my beauty routine, I keep my wardrobe really simple when we're camping.  I have a pretty good collection of graphic tees & basic tanks that I bring, along with one or two sweatshirts, jeans, mid-length shorts and a lightweight rain jacket.  I also love cozy pullovers like this & this (great for sitting around the campfire at night).  We each have separate hiking & water shoes that we only use when we're camping - these are on the more expensive side, but totally worth it for how often we use them.

Our campfire essentials include comfortable chairs (we just upgraded to these this year), sticks for roasting hot dogs & marshmallows (these are our favorite) and pie irons, which you can use to make hot sandwiches, breakfast omelettes or pies for dessert.  We bought a few of these and specially marked one for me to use with my gluten-free bread.

We inevitably have an occasional rainy day so we like to prepare by getting the kids lots of books at the library before we leave & stocking the trailer full of our favorite games & indoor activities.  For the most part, we ban electronics when we camp, so instead we will play games together, have a family coloring contest or use a Chat Pack to ask questions around the table.  My kids also love to collect different rocks from the various places we visit and decorate them with acrylic paint to keep in their rooms at home as a special memory from each trip. 


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