Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June Q&A

1) I just had my son 6 weeks ago and I am struggling to find stylish nursing-friendly pieces that can carry me through the summer months.  I need some functional options, but I still want to look cute!

First of all, congratulations on becoming a mom!  My son was born in the spring & I remember going through the same difficulty of trying to find summer clothes that would allow me to nurse easily.  In particular, I recall having the hardest time with dresses and I almost had to abandon wearing them completely during the year that I nursed him.  Fortunately, there are lots of affordable styles right now that will work for the season of life that you're in - here are some of my top picks:

ROW 1: ONE // TWO (more here & here) // THREE (also in coral) // FOUR (dress version here)
ROW 2:  ONE (also here) // TWO (chambray style here) // THREE // FOUR (another option here)

2) I just accepted a new job where I will be working from home, so I'm in the process of setting up a home office for the first time.  My budget is fairly limited, but I want to create a space that I'll be excited to sit down at each day. 

I suggest investing in a comfortable chair - I bought my desk first (this is the exact model I own) and then measured where the seat height needed to be for good ergonomics.  Then I took my tape measure shopping with me so I could ensure I was getting the right size.  And I highly recommend buying a lumbar pillow for additional back support throughout the day.  I set up a gallery on the wall behind my computer but you could also opt for a pretty wreath, decorative mirror, wall clock or larger artwork.  In terms of desktop accessories, I keep mine minimal (because I'm a neat freak) - a small lamp, one framed photo, a scented candle & a little trinket dish for holding my business cards. I also use storage baskets like the one below to hold miscellaneous office supplies like ink cartridges, tape rolls, batteries, etc.  Here are some options to check out:

Dried Wreath // X Slat Desk (different styles here & here) // Fringe Lumbar Pillow (another option here)

3) I am fairly new to the blogging world & just started reading your site a few months ago.  I would love to find other bloggers or Instagram accounts to follow who are moms that have accessible style - can you share some of your favorites?

I'm pretty picky about who I am willing to recommend because I feel a strong sense of responsibility to only direct you to sites/accounts where I know you'll have a positive experience (I'm protective of my readers!).  These are all women who are genuine, kind-hearted and who actually respond to & engage with their followers.  Even if you're not a mom, I can promise you will love these ladies & get loads of inspiration from them.  They are down-to-earth and honest - even though they may post pretty pictures, they also keep it real...that's something that I can appreciate & I know you will too.  

Karla Reed - I met Karla a few years back & she is one of the most stylish women I know.  She doesn't have a blog, but she shares her style & product reviews on her Instagram account - she also highlights her daily looks & "real life" mom moments on Instastories.

The Modern Savvy - You all know Alyson is my blogging bestie & I admire her so much - she keeps it real & isn't afraid to speak her mind!  Her site has a great mix of lifestyle content - recipes, home decor, parenting, beauty & fashion.

Sequins & Stripes - Liz recently announced her second pregnancy so if you're also expecting, I'd recommend her site for maternity style inspiration.  Some of the price points might be a little higher than what I normally share here, but her style is very classic & wearable.

Simply x Classic - I've never met Miriam in real life, but I've stalked admired her from afar.  Living in California, her photos are so beautiful & she just launched a new shopping haul/try-on series where she reviews her recent purchases, which is so helpful for online shoppers like me!

Seersucker & Saddles - Beth has an incredible story of love, loss & second chances.  She's a newlywed with two older daughters and a 3rd baby on the way + she's in the process of building a home with her husband.  I've always adored how she puts outfits together & stays in such great shape.

Merrick's Art - Merrick is a mom of all boys & she's a talented seamstress who shares a lot of clothing sewing tutorials on her site.  I appreciate that she features modest fashion that is also really practical for moms.

KBStyled - I've been so inspired by Brooke's honesty about her fitness journey & her healthy approach to diet & exercise.  So, if you're needing some encouragement in that area, definitely give her a follow!  She also has two beautiful children & an amazing sense of style.

Putting Me Together - If you're looking for a blog that is dedicated to cute everyday looks & thorough product reviews, this is it!  Audrey does such a great job of showcasing how to get the most use out of wardrobe staples & sharing different ways to re-wear what you already have in your closet.

M Loves M -  I met Mara in person at a blogging conference several years ago & she is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've ever seen.  It's been fun to follow her journey into motherhood this past year & I love that she shares what she's wearing each day on her Instastories.


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