20 Under $20

February 2016

In my opinion, it's never to early to start shopping for spring & summer. And since I only have one week left on my shopping freeze, I'm beginning to scope out the pieces I want to purchase once it's over. I've got my eye on breezy tops, lightweight knits and pretty patterned skirts - a soft color palette of pastels and neutrals is always a favorite of mine. Here are a few of my top picks for the season, all priced at $20 or less!

January 2016

Instead of building outfits for this month's edition, I decided to focus on expensive-looking pieces. Rich cable knits, luxe faux fur, textured fabrics & special embellishments make these all stand-out styles (and no one will know how little you paid!). There are still tons of amazing deals happening as retailers are moving out their winter inventory. Believe it or not, everything you see here is just $20 or less!

October 2015

One of my favorite parts of my job is putting together these affordable style posts each month. Though they tend to take longer to create than any other type of content, it makes me so happy to know that I'm helping save you time (by doing the deal-hunting for you) & money (by highlighting great pieces when they're marked down). That being said, both this series & my Steals Under $30 posts have been the same format for quite some time - I'd love to hear feedback from you if these are still the type of layout you like to see or if reworking them in another way might be better.

September 2015

This month was a serious challenge to find items under $20 because most of the fall new arrivals aren't yet on sale, but I know everyone is beginning to shift their wardrobe in that direction. So I did my very best to find versatile basics that you can wear both now & later. I focused on casual styles & built four different looks that include light layers (which can be added or removed as needed, depending on your climate).

July 2015

Although I told myself that I wouldn't purchase any more summer pieces, there are so many amazing end-of-season sales happening that I haven't been able to help myself! I've rounded up dozens of my top picks below (all $20 or less!) and used them to create six different warm-weather looks for every occasion. I'd love to hear which one is your favorite & what deals you have scored this month!

June 2015

Once again, I went over 20 items this month because there were so many amazing finds! And, based on my picks, clearly I'm loving all things blue & white for summer. I've created six easy outfits for the season that are a mix of casual relaxed looks & dressed-up feminine styles. It's hard to believe that all the pieces seen here are under $20...but, be sure to act fast because many of these sales are ending soon!

May 2015

With the weather getting warmer every day, I have been ditching my skinny jeans in favor of easy skirts & comfortable shorts. So, for this month's installment, I've put together four different looks that are the perfect example of how to keep your laid-back style from looking too basic. Whether you're looking to snag some great spring-to-summer pieces or you're just needing a little outfit inspiration, I've got you covered!

April 2015

It's always interesting to me to see how sales fluctuate throughout any given season. Some months, it takes hours of work to come up with 20 items that I deem worthy of sharing here...and then there are times (like today) where I find so many great options that I end up going overboard. Since there happened to be an abundance of good deals going on this week, I decided to put together 6 looks featuring pieces that are all $20 or less - the top row is for those of you who are having summer-like weather already and and the bottom row is for those cooler spring days.

March 2015

You know that feeling you get when you put on an old jacket, slip your hands into the pockets and magically find money you didn't know you had? That's basically how I feel every month when I'm putting these posts together. Though it takes hours of searching to find the best deals, there is something so exhilarating about tracking them down & getting to share them with you. And the only thing better than finding a bargain is finding something that looks much more expensive than what you paid for it.

February 2015

For this month's edition, I tried to focus on easy transitional pieces for the in-between season that you can wear both now & into the warmer weather months. I also included a range of casual styles & dressier items that would be easy to mix & match. Try the white jeans with the peach sweater or the olive green blouse with the fringe skirt - the possibilities are endless and everything you see here is just $20 or less!

January 2015

After yesterday's post, so many of you left comments and sent me notes requesting more ideas for casual outfits. So, for this month's 20 under $20, I decided to put together four different laid-back looks with denim, cozy tops & comfortable flats. Whatever your personal style, this proves that it's completely possible to look pulled-together without spending a fortune!

October 2014

This season, I'm all about embracing darker, rich tones and mixing textures. Thankfully, you don't have to spend a fortune to look cozy & chic for fall...and these outfits are proof! I had so much fun hunting down these affordable deals for you and I've included even more $20 & under options below - lots of sweaters, scarves & blazers that are too good to pass up for these prices!

September 2014

This is the time of year that's always difficult to dress for - it's technically September, but not yet cool enough to fully embrace fall's chunky knits & cozy layers (as much as we all want to). So, in addition to finding the best budget-friendly pieces today, I am also helping provide a little outfit inspiration for this awkward in-between phase.

July 2014

It seems I need to rename this series since I keep going over 20 items each month. But when there are so many great affordable pieces that I come across, it's hard to limit myself because I want to share them all! I created 4 different outfits for various occasions using pieces I found that are all (unbelievably) $20 or less and I've curated even more of my top picks in the scrolling bar below. Take a look at these amazing finds and let me know which is your favorite!

June 2014

I was able to find so many affordable pieces this month that not only did I create four different looks, but I also included even more items below - sometimes I'm truly amazed by the things that you can find for less than $20 when you just take the time to persistently search. Take a look at these great deals and let me know what you've got your eye on!

May 2014

So many retailers are offering sales over the holiday weekend, which makes it a great time to take advantage of lower prices on spring and summer staples. I went over the usual 20 items this month because so many of you commented on loving the new outfit building format. I've paired affordable pieces into 4 different looks for the season - believe it or not, everything you see here is just $20 or less!!

April 2014

In an effort to break out of my current styling rut, I'm focusing on bright colors and graphic prints for spring & summer. These pieces have just the right balance of edge & ease that's ideal for the current season - and they'd be a cinch to mix & match with basics I already have in my closet. Plus each item here is so affordably priced, you don't have to feel guilty if you pick up more than one!

March 2014

Today is officially the first day of spring and I, for one, couldn't be more ready to usher in a new season. I'm focusing on injecting lots of color & unique pieces into my wardrobe and all of these items below fit the bill. Since I was able to find so many great deals this month, I couldn't fit them all into one collage - so I've included additional options for you to browse through that are also all $20 or less!

February 2014

Yesterday, was so gloriously warm & sunny that it prompted me to pull out all my spring clothes from storage & begin rearranging my closet for the coming season. I may be jumping the gun a little, but it's hard not to get excited when the winter has been SO long & brutal. These pieces would fit in nicely with other wardrobe basics, are ideal for wearing both now + well into the summer and they are all affordably priced!

January 2014

Budget shopping can be a bit of a game: there's the thrill of the hunt and the overwhelming sense of pride you get when you find something for less...but there are also times when you search high & low only to come up empty-handed. And yet even worse is the feeling you get when you pay full-price for something & then see it hanging on the clearance rack months later (for significantly less than what you spent).

November 2013

With Black Friday, quickly approaching, there's no shortage of great deals to be found. So I've rounded up a few of my top picks, focusing on pieces that you can buy for yourself or purchase as stocking stuffers/gifts for the coming holiday. Everything you see here is $20 or less, but be sure to shop quickly as the supplies are limited - at these prices, they'll be going fast!

October 2013

As we near the end of October (so hard to believe!), I am already starting to look ahead to the upcoming holidays. Which is why this month's post includes lots of rich textures, warm & cozy pieces + a healthy dose of sparkle. I know we all have plenty of presents to buy in the next couple of months, but with everything here ringing in at $20 or less, it's easy to indulge (for yourself) without feeling guilty!

September 2013

I can't seem to get enough of neutral tones, fun prints & oxblood accents for fall...and this post proves it. I'm fairly convinced we all need a stylish umbrella to carry us through the rainy season, a chic baseball hat for those bad hair days & a pair of statement earrings that will dress up casual basics. Here are some of my favorite finds for the season, all $20 or less (and many with free shipping too)!

August 2013

Though September is right around the corner, the weather in most parts of the country is still quite warm. But that doesn't mean you can't start incorporating a few fall colors & lightweight layers into your looks. These pieces are totally wearable now & will be ideal for colder temperatures too (try opaque tights under the shorts/skirt & throw a jacket or blazer on over the tee/sweater). Not only are these versatile, but also incredibly affordable...ringing in at $20 or less!

July 2013

Since last months edition was all about brights, I decided to go in the opposite direction for July with muted neutrals, soft prints & metallics. I also chose pieces that would make great outfits when paired together - all these items are easy to mix & match to create different looks. And because they are all $20 or less, you don't have to feel guilty about buying more than one!

June 2013

Now that summer is in full swing, I couldn't resist putting together a mix of bold brights & playful prints for this month's edition of TUT. To be honest, I had a hard time not adding all of them to my cart as I worked on this post.

May 2013

Since today is the last chance for all those great Memorial Day sales, I thought it was the perfect time to take advantage of marked-down prices with this month's edition of TUT! These pieces are just the right kind of easy-going attire I usually prefer during the summer - embroidered shorts, flat sandals, a straw tote & fun accessories (also, how cute is that chambray skirt?).

April 2013

Last month's edition of TUT (here) was full of girly pieces, florals & pretty sorbet hues. So for April, I went in a different direction and decided to focus on classic styles with a laid-back feel that you can wear all season long - like chambray espadrilles, a slouchy striped sweater & a bright clutch (that's real leather!). These casual basics will carry you through spring & straight into summer with ease...and the best part is they're all $20 or less!

March 2013

Since I received such great feedback on the last post like this that I did (here), I've decided to make it a monthly feature on PPF. This time I tried to incorporate more pieces of clothing and I kept the color scheme light & fun, focusing on feminine details like ruffles, pastels & florals (with a dose of stripes thrown in for good measure). I'd love to hear your favorites in the comments below. As usual, everything you see here is $20 or less!

February 2013

One of my girlfriends challenged me last week to see if I could come up with a "steals under $20" post. Even though she was half-joking, I thought it was a fun idea and I knew I could find affordable options that fit the bill. I've included a good mix of accessories, tops & makeup that are timeless & perfect for the coming season. But the best part, by far, is the price!