Steals Under $30

March 2016

I'm usually a big fan of structured tailored pieces, but in the spring & summer I find myself craving more relaxed effortless styles. For this month's edition, I focused on a color palette of mostly blues & whites with a few pops of color thrown in. There are so many amazing deals right now that I've included dozens more of my favorites in the scrolling bar below. As always, everything you see here is just $30 or less!

February 2016

Though many of us are still wearing winter pieces, I know that most women are currently shopping for (and dreaming of) spring. So, I kept that in mind for this month's edition of SUT and I tried to focus on light & versatile items you can layer. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that isn't getting bombarded with snow right now, all of these looks would work perfectly for the transitional weather.

January 2016

There are so many amazing sales happening right now, as retailers are trying to clear out their winter inventory to make room for spring's new arrivals. So, if you're looking to enhance your cold-weather wardrobe, it's a great time to shop & take advantage of low prices. I've rounded up my top picks below & have paired them into 6 different outfits (3 casual & 3 dressier looks) to prove that you can look chic on a budget this season!

December 2015

In the midst of buying presents for friends & family, I find it really difficult to not pick up a few things for myself along the way - especially with all the amazing deals out there! And, considering I'm planning on starting my shopping freeze next month, I'm taking full advantage of the lowest prices of the season while I can. So, to that end, I've scoured the sale racks and pulled together the best affordable finds below. I did my best to include both office-appropriate looks & some weekend-ready outfits.

October 2015

There are so many amazing sales happening right now, which made putting together this month's post a breeze! I focused on mostly casual looks for the season, but also incorporated some styles that could easily be dressed up as well. Even if you aren't shopping right now, I'm hoping the outfits below will help provide some layering inspiration for the cold weather.

September 2015

I had so much fun building outfits for this month's collage that I decided to show six different looks that would all be ideal for the current season. I included a few layered options and some lighter pieces for those of you who are still experiencing warmer weather. Take a look at these fall styles below & let me know which one is your favorite!

August 2015

After this Wear Now/Layer Later post, many of you wrote in requesting that I share more transitional outfit inspiration. So I decided to use this month's SUT as an opportunity to give you some more pairing ideas that you can wear as we navigate the in-between season. I tried to include a good mix of some summery styles while incorporating a few fall colors & knits. All of these looks would be perfect to either wear now (if the temperature is mild where you live) or into the cooler months.

July 2015

This is such an amazing time to shop because stores are slashing prices to make room for fall's new arrivals, which means you can stock up on some great summer styles before they're gone for good. I purposely included a hefty amount of J. Crew pieces this month because they are running an incredible sale right now that's not to be missed! Here are a few summer looks I've built using pieces that are all $30 or less.

June 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how the moment I decide to go on a shopping freeze, I instantly find so many pieces that I suddenly want. Putting this post together was the worst form of torture because there are some truly amazing affordable finds out there for summer! I took a few of my favorites and built them into outfits for the season - be sure to check out the scrolling bar below for even more under $30 items!

May 2015

This is the time of year when I tend to favor wearing lightweight flowy pieces over structured styles. Even my favorite pair of denim takes second place to breezy shorts & airy blouses. For this month's SUT, I've put together a few ideal pairings for the warmer weather - these will carry you from brunch to beach & everything in between - proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to stay cool & look stylish!

April 2015

Right now, I'm all about easy pairings that are comfortable but still look polished. It seems that the warmer it gets outside, the simpler my outfits become. For this month's edition of SUT, I've tracked down some great basic pieces that will carry you through the season in style without tanking your budget - many of these are sale prices that won't last long, so don't miss out!

March 2015

Spring is the season when I tend to wear more dresses & skirts than any other time of the year - something about the flowers beginning to bloom and the sudden warmth in the air gets me craving soft & flirty pieces. So, for this month's edition of SUT, I decided to create four feminine looks that are ideal for both this season & the next. Each piece you see here is just $30 or less (and I've included even more affordable styles in the scrolling bar below)!

February 2015

I realize there's nothing ground-breaking about pastels for spring, but I always seem to gravitate towards these muted hues this time of year. I really love the idea of injecting small doses of pastel into an otherwise neutral look (think crisp whites or soft grays) and pairing them with darker colors (like the mint/navy combo below). These outfits are ideal for the coming season and everything you see here is just $30 or less!

January 2015

The end of a season always brings amazing deals and it's a great time to stock up on basics or investment pieces on your wish list for the following year. I've rounded up some of the best finds for $30 or less below - and I've arranged the pieces together into complete looks to create outfit inspiration for those of us who are participating in a shopping hiatus. Take a look at these incredible steals & let me know which look is your favorite!

December 2014

Even though Black Friday & Cyber Monday have come & gone, there are still plenty of great deals to take advantage of. The affordable items below are some of my favorite finds if you're looking to add a few more pieces to your winter wardrobe. I've included a mix of casual & dressed-up styles here so whether you're running errands, heading into the office or getting ready for a date night out, these outfits will keep you looking polished without tanking your budget.

October 2014

One of the great things about this time of year, as we near the holiday season, is that there are so many amazing sales happening. I do my best to keep a close eye on these and alert you daily of the best deals so you can take full advantage of them. This recurring SUT series is another fun way to not only show you my hand-picked favorites, but to also provide outfit pairing ideas for items you may already own. So even if you're on a spending freeze, hopefully this will provide a little inspiration!

September 2014

Now that there's finally a slight chill in the air, it's time to pull out those warmer knits & layer up! I have been favoring a lot of plaid and (faux) leather in my wardrobe this season, which is definitely reflected in this month's round-up. I tried to create several different looks for both work & weekend activities and, as usual, everything is priced at $30 or less!

August 2014

The closer we get to autumn, the more I find myself craving easy-to-wear basics in calming neutrals. As much as I love a pop of color, there is something sophisticated and chic about a simple palette accented with metallic shine. Here are my current favorites all for $30 or less to get you ready for the transition into fall.

July 2014

The great thing about personal style is that it's specific to the individual - maybe you gravitate towards clean, modern pieces, but every once in a while you like something soft & feminine. Or maybe you are preppy at heart but like to experiment with new trends. It's all about finding what works for your shape, what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and what you feel best in. Which is why I decided to share a little bit of everything no matter what your style, you can find something you love (for less!).

June 2014

I can never get enough of stripes, but especially in the summer - it just feels like the quintessential warm-weather print. So for this month's post, I went all out and scoured the internet for the most comprehensive round-up of affordable pieces I could find. I focused on building outfits with striped pieces for many different occasions. Believe it or not, everything you see below is priced at just $30 or less (note: some of these are sale items that won't last long)!

May 2014

As evidenced by yesterday's outfit post, I am really loving blue & white pieces right now. There is just something about this combination that is so crisp and fresh for spring. Since so many of you have left comments about preferring put-together outfit collages versus random pieces, I decided to switch up this month's SUT and try something new. I'd love to hear your feedback about this format and if you find it to be more helpful than what I typically do.

April 2014

I'm always striving for newer and better things here on PPF, which is why I like to push myself with content creation - though some projects are more time consuming, it's worth the hard work to bring you the absolute best I possibly can. I decided to go all out for this month's SUT, so I've compiled over 40 affordable pieces in two different color palettes & styles. My hope is that by providing an abundance of options, there will truly be something for everyone.

March 2014

The only way to survive this seemingly endless winter (and the 18+ inches of snow we got yesterday) is to look ahead to brighter & warmer days. I decided to focus on more casual pieces for this month's SUT. This post is all about spring basics in classic colors, fun prints & easy a few accessories to tie it all together. Best of all, nothing here is over $30!

February 2014

Now that it's nearly the middle of February, I know everyone is craving spring & all that comes with it - warmer temperatures, soft pastel shades & lighter layers.  However, if you're like me and live somewhere that still feels like the dead of winter, it can be hard to even fathom adjusting your wardrobe yet.  Thankfully, there is an easy way to slowly make the transition by incorporating a few spring-like hues.  Regardless of where you are located, all of the pieces below are perfect for wearing both now & later.  Even better, they are all $30 or less!

January 2014

It's easy to feel a slight letdown once the holidays are over & we're forced back into our regular routines.  But the good part about this time of year is that retailers are aggressively trying to move inventory in an effort to make room for spring's new arrivals.  So, there are some amazing deals to be found if you don't mind a little hunting.  I've rounded up some of my own personal favorites below...all of which ring in at just $30 or less!

November 2013

Because I've been wearing mostly charcoal gray, black & burgundy so far this season, lately I'm finding myself craving a change in the opposite color direction.  Thankfully, the old fashion rules (no white after labor day) no longer apply and these soft icy shades look just as appropriate in the winter as they do in the warmth of spring.  In fact, they may even help lighten your mood on those dark & dreary days!  

October 2013

The number one rule I've embraced in the 2+ years since starting this blog is how important it is to shop with a discerning eye when it comes to affordable pieces.  I will admit that I wasn't very good at doing this when I first began living on a budget & I had to learn the hard way more than a few times.  Though it's fairly easy to get items for less, I've found the key to making them look more expensive is to be selective (
no impulse buys from the clearance rack), pay close attention to detail & mix them in a way that looks luxe.  

September 2013

Since I've restricted myself to only spending the money I make from PoshMark sales, I have been much more selective about what I buy lately.  And because of this, I've also been tirelessly searching for the best deals to make my dollars stretch as far as possible.  So t
his month's edition of SUT is a mix of pieces that I'm really loving right now in rich colors, soft fabrics and, of course, a little sparkle.  Everything you see here is $30 or less!

August 2013

Even though I'm on a mission to inject more color into my wardrobe, I firmly believe that a well-balanced closet must have plenty of neutrals.  You simply can't go wrong with this color palette, especially as we head into the colder months.  Everything below would be so easy to mix & match with hues you already own - and when the pieces look this chic, but cost so's pretty hard to resist!

July 2013

Every year when we hit the middle of summer, I start to shift my thinking when it comes to purchases.  These pieces are styles you can wear now & will transition seamlessly into the next season with just a few small adjustments.  And the best part is that they are all under $30, so you can really stretch your wardrobe budget!

June 2013

Since last month's SUT (
here) was so popular, I decided to follow the same format again for June - this time focusing on summer shorts.  I've included a good mix of casual & dressy pieces here, that would be easy to mix & match into different combinations for virtually any occasion. 

May 2013

Every month when I put together SUT, I always try to come up with new combinations - sometimes I put together 
two complete outfits and other times it's just a random mix of seasonally-appropriate items.  For May, I decided to focus on blouses & skirts - mainly because I tend to wear more skirts & dresses this time of year due to the fact that they are cooler & less restricting than jeans or trousers. 

March 2013

For this month's edition of SUT, instead of putting pieces together into an outfit, I decided to focus on some affordable basics for the coming season.  I just ordered this eyelet shirt (a less expensive version of similar J. Crew & Gap styles) and I've been wearing this straw hat nonstop (perfect for bad hair days).  Also, how fabulous are these chambray trousers?  I can picture them styled a million different ways!  As usual, everything you see here is just $30 or less:

November 2012

Something about the colder weather has me dressing more casual lately and I've been reaching for classic pieces that are easy to mix and match.  So, I thought I would feature a laid-back look for this edition of outfit you could find me wearing on most weekends (love the combination of stripes + plaid right now).  I decided to include two boot options below for those of you who live in a more rainy climate or prefer flat over heeled styles.